Fast Food: Family & Casual Restaurant Chains

This page was last updated July 2019.

PLEASE NOTE: The items listed as vegan do not contain animal flesh, dairy, eggs, or honey products directly. However, we have not confirmed whether or not they may contain additives, preservatives, or chemical ingredients which are sometimes animal-derived, and the products may be cooked on the same equipment as animal products. 


Applebee’s has a very limited selection for vegetarians and vegans. They do have several vegetarian appetizers, and many of their pastas can be made vegetarian if you ask for no meat. They also have a portobello mushroom burger. For vegan options, some of their salads can be modified to remove meat and choose a dairy-free dressing. Be sure to ask your server for specific ingredients because Applebee’s Canada does not publish an allergy guide online.

Canyon Creek Restaurant

Allergy Guide (click “Allergies?” under “Prixe Fixe” and then filter)

They offer a veggie burger, but it is not vegan. They also have a vegetarian harvest bowl. Their garden salad is vegan. Ask about substitutions to make some of the vegetarian options vegan.

Jack Astor’s

Allergy Guide (click on Dinner Menu > Allergies?)

They have an option on their website to filter their menu by allergens. Their veggie burger contains eggs and dairy but their fajitas can easily be made vegan, and the sesame chicken bowl is vegan when you swap chicken for tofu.

The Keg

Allergy Guide

The Keg has a few starters and sides that are vegan: their crispy fried cauliflower, mixed greens salad, and french fries. They also have one vegan main dish, the Mediterranean cauliflower. In the past, their corporate office noted that there were several “off menu” items that could be made vegan: the Asian Vegetable Salad or the Vegetable Stirfry.


Allergy Guide

They offer a Lightlife veggie burger which is vegan but it comes with cheese and mayo. Specify no cheese, mayo, or dairy sauces. The fried pickles on top are vegan but their allergy guide states that fryer oil may be a source of cross-contamination.

Lonestar Texas Grill

Lonestar has a few vegetarian options, and others that can be modified. The best option for vegans are the fajitas – order them with corn tortillas, refried beans, guacamole and steamed vegetables without butter. They don’t publish an allergy guide online but instead recommend speaking with your server about ingredients.


Allergy Guide

Milestones has many vegetarian options, but nearly all need to be modified to make them vegan. Some of their sides are already vegan, however, including their mushrooms, tortilla chips, and yam frites.


Allergy Guide

Montana’s has several options for vegetarians and vegans. Their house-seasoned chippers, buffalo cauliflower wings, fries, and baked potato are all vegan. They do have a veggie burger but it is not vegan.


Allergy Guide

Moxie’s has some great options for vegetarians and vegans, and their allergy menu specifies where additional modifications can be made. They have a portobello veggie burger which is not vegan but can be made vegan by asking for no cheese or sauces and substituting a lettuce bun. Their guacamole and starter market salad are both vegan. They have a vegetarian power bowl which contains eggs, and roasted baby potatoes can be made as a vegan side when you ask for no butter.

The Pickle Barrel

Vegetarian Menu

The Pickle Barrel now offers a fully vegetarian menu. Ask for substitutions/remove eggs and dairy on most items to make them vegan.

Shoeless Joe’s

Allergy Guide

Offer the Beyond Meat burger fully vegan (does not come with mayo/any dairy ingredients).

Swiss Chalet

Allergy Guide

They have a veggie burger but it is not vegan. You can still put together a decent meal though by ordering a veggie burger without the bun, and a couple of side dishes. Vegan options include the oven-baked potato, fries and sweet potato fries, a garden salad with the fat free raspberry vinaigrette, the fresh vegetable medley, sweet kernel corn, seasoned rice, and multigrain or white roll.