Meeting Details:

When? November 27th 2021

Where? Access online via Zoom here:
Meeting ID: 895 7763 8771

Time? 1pm

You must have an active TVA membership at least 30 days in advance of the AGM in order to attend and to participate. If you have any questions about the Annual General Meeting or about membership with the TVA, please reach out to me at or call our office at 416-544-9800. 

Meet the Board and Candidates


Board members returning for second year of their term: Mark Simmons, Elliot Alexander, Peter McQueen, Emily Smith

Returning board candidates seeking affirmation: Nital Jethalal, Karel Vredenburg , Fraser Gibson, Krista Schwab, Nicole Fich


New board candidates seeking affirmation: 

Eugene Antony:

I believe that educating and encouraging everyone to adopt the plant-based lifestyle is the only way to counter-balance the impacts of unhealthy eating habits, animal cruelty, abusing the natural resources and the environmental destruction. I personally try to enlighten my circle of family and friends but it would be great to reach out to wider population. TVA is spearheading the movement inspiring and educating more people and I would like get more involved and contribute to the organization and its cause.

I am plant-based for last 30 years but became a vegan about 15 years back. I am a TVA member and volunteer from 2009 and helped the organization in the past as an outreach volunteer, office help team member and the transportation crew.

I have degrees in sociology and business management. My area of expertise is sales, business development, customer management, leadership and training. I have worked for consumer companies in Canada and in some other countries as well.

As an active person, I enjoy running, hiking and gym time. Travelling is my biggest passion and hunting for yummy vegan food in far away lands during my travels is my favourite hobby!


Mariana Freire:

I ditched meat from my diet over 6 years ago after watching a documentary called Earthlings and making the connection between my consumption habits and animal exploitation. I made the full transition to veganism in 2019 and my only regret is not doing it sooner. I felt healthier, stronger, and more energetic like I had never felt before. Since then I’ve been eagerly engaging with the vegan community to learn more about nutrition, animal welfare, and the plant-based industry.

Currently I am the Communications and Consumer Relations Manager at Sol Cuisine, a vegan food manufacturer based in Mississauga, Ontario where I lead social media, digital and community engagement initiatives. I’m also a volunteer of the Marketing and Development Committee at TVA. My goal is to leverage my 10 years Marketing experience, industry insights, and passion for everything vegan to support TVA’s growth and mission. TVA’s programs and Vegfests definitely helped me on my journey and I’m honored to contribute to the work that will help others embrace a healthier, greener and compassionate lifestyle.

I’m originally from Brazil and I moved to Canada in 2010. In my spare time I love cooking, hiking, running and spending time with my loved ones.

Meet the Staff Team


Meeting Agenda

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Frequently Asked Questions
How long will the meeting be? 
Approximately 3 hours (1-4pm)


What is the Companion Animal Caravan?
This is a 15 minute intermission/break where interested attendees will be invited to use their camera and microphone to introduce the group to their companion animals


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