Subs, Pitas, Sandwiches, and Falafel

Last updated July 2019.

PLEASE NOTE: The items listed as vegan do not contain animal flesh, dairy, eggs, or honey products directly. However, we have not confirmed whether or not they may contain additives, preservatives, or chemical ingredients which are sometimes animal-derived, and the products may be cooked on the same equipment as animal products. 

Chains that sell submarine sandwiches or pitas tend to be great places for vegetarians, especially if you eat cheese. If worse comes to worst you can just order a sandwich with all the veggie fillings and condiments.

Multi-cultural cities like Toronto have numerous independent falafel places that offer excellent fast food. Falafel sandwiches are good and cheap vegan fare. Falafel is a signature Middle Eastern pita sandwich filled with crispy balls of deep-fried chickpea batter, veggies and tahini sauce. These places also offer vegan dishes like baba ganoush (eggplant dip), hummus, foul and stuffed vine leaves.


This chain has numerous locations in Toronto and is a GREAT option for vegans! In addition to falafel, veggie, and hummus wraps, they also serve the following dishes which are vegan: garlic potatoes, eggplant mosaga, mixed veggies, kidney beans, bazela, veggie samosas, taboule, cabbage salad, beet salad, green lentil salad, lentil rice, and grape leaves.


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Surprise! While there aren’t really any savoury items that are guaranteed vegan (their fries and curly fries even state they may contain eggs and milk) the apple and blueberry turnovers can offer a dessert option if you’re on the road and desperate!

Jimmy the Greek

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At Jimmy the Greek you can get a basic falafel, as their falafel itself, pita, olives, hummus, and hot sauce are vegan. For sides you can also get rice, roasted potatoes, dolmades, and olives.

Pita Pit

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Vegan fillings for your pita include black bean, falafel, and garden, and you can have them in the white, whole wheat, or gluten-free pitas. There are lots of fun sauces to choose from including Balsamic Vinaigrette, BBQ, Franks Hot Sauce, Mustard, Special Sauce (Greek), Spicy Thai, and Teriyaki. Some locations that serve Yogen Fruz also offer vegan vanilla sorbet.


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Put together a health, tasty sub with the usual selection of veggie toppings and any of the following buns: white, wheat, pizza flatbread, whole wheat wrap, ciabatta. Vegan sauces to choose from are BBQ, four pepper chili sauce, honey bourbon, French bourbon, yellow mustard, zesty grille sauce. Note that all the sautéed vegetables contain egg.


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Subway has both a vegan and vegetarian patty. They should be labeled as such in stores. Build your sandwich with all the veggie toppings, and add one of their vegan sauces including BBQ, buffalo, house sandwich sauce, original sub sauce, and sweet onion sauce. Note: Subway states that their bread contains one or multiple of the following: enzymes (lipase, xylanase, amylase), lactic acid, which some vegans choose to avoid. Their wrap does not contain these items.