Fast Food: Burritos & Tacos

Last updated July 2019.

PLEASE NOTE: The items listed as vegan do not contain animal flesh, dairy, eggs, or honey products directly. However, we have not confirmed whether or not they may contain additives, preservatives, or chemical ingredients which are sometimes animal-derived, and the products may be cooked on the same equipment as animal products. 

Fast food chains and restaurants that serve Mexican/Latin American dishes can be great spots to find satisfying vegetarian meals, but watch out for the addition of animal fats and flavouring. What appears to be just beans may contain pig fat for example. Other good bets include: guacamole, meat-free quesadillas, and nachos with salsa.

Bar Burrito

Bar Burrito has a vegetarian soy option for their hefty burritos, tacos, and bowls. Yum!

Burrito Boyz

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Burrito Boyz also has a veggie soy option, in addition to sweet potato as a filling. Make sure to order without cheese, burrito sauce (contains dairy and eggs), or sour cream.


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Chipotle is a chain restaurant a step up from a fast food place. They don’t offer full table service but they have a higher quality of food and atmosphere. All their freshly-made burritos, tacos and other Mexican style foods can be ordered vegan by choosing black beans or their vegan soy meat (called Sofritas) and asking for no cheese or sour cream. Their famous guacamole is vegan so fill up!

Fat Bastard Burrito 

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There are four vegan choices of protein options here: beans, sauteed veggies, sweet and spicy tofu, and sweet potato. Plus all of their many unique fillings (yes! that includes the noodles!) except the cheese, sour cream, or burrito sauce.

Mucho Burrito

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Mucho Burrito now offers Beyond Meat crumble! Plus, all of their condiments except the cheese are vegan, so go ahead and order a burrito or taco with pico de gallo, peach salsa, roasted squash, guacamole, and more!

Taco Bell

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Taco Bell is a great option for relatively healthy fast food (your meal will be based around beans and veggies!). The regular tortillas, black beans, refried beans, guacamole, salsa and pico de gallo are all vegan. So take almost any items on the menu and ask for refried or black beans instead of meat, and ask for guac and pico de gallo instead of sour cream and cheese. You can also order the chips and guacamole, chips and salsa, and for dessert, the cinnamon twists are vegan too!

Want even more ideas? Click here to read PETA’s guide to ordering vegan at Taco Bell.