Asian Fast Food Restaurants

Last updated December 2020.

PLEASE NOTE: The items listed as vegan do not contain animal flesh, dairy, eggs, or honey products directly. However, we have not confirmed whether or not they may contain additives, preservatives, or chemical ingredients which are sometimes animal-derived, and the products may be cooked on the same equipment as animal products. 

Mac Sushi

They have the following vegan sushi options: vegetarian california rolls, yam tempura roll, edemame, wakame salad, and tofu (inari). Click here to read their detailed ingredient lists.

Teryaki Experience

Enjoy the famous terayki (with tofu and vegetables), yakisoba noodles (with tofu and vegetables), or the spring rolls. They do state that their items may contain dairy and eggs due to cross-contamination.

Thai Express

Vegan menu

Many dishes can be made vegan by specifying the vegan sauce and no eggs.