About veg.ca

About veg.ca

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A life-changing decision

Going vegetarian is a life-changing decision. Without resources about where to shop and what to eat, it can be challenging. Without witnessing the stories of others, it can be isolating. Without information and a supportive community, it can be hard to feel like your diet is making an impact.

That’s why we created veg.ca, the online home of the Toronto Vegetarian Association. Our veg.ca equips people to make healthier, greener, more peaceful food choices.

We realized early on that people who choose a vegetarian diet need information to make healthy food choices. We realized that when we see others celebrating the same choices, it gives us new ideas and reignites our passion for the environment, health and compassion. And, perhaps most importantly, we realized that we wouldn’t be able to reach everyone personally. If we wanted to support vegetarians across Canada, we could reach many more online through our website.

Providing innovative online resources

Today, visitors to our site will find our online Resource Centre, which is full of information about the positive impact vegetarianism can have on your health, the well-being of farm animals and on our shared environment.

Visitors can try a vegetarian diet for one week by signing up for our 7-Day Veggie Challenge. Through this online program, they receive one email a day for seven days with recipes, tips and nutritional advice from the program’s registered dietitian.

You’ll also find a Vegetarian Directory for the city of Toronto, enabling residents and visitors to find businesses that cater to the vegetarian market. We also link to other resources available in other cities and provinces in Canada.

Finally, the site features new content that is updated several times a week. This includes the popular Toronto Vegetarian Podcast, updates on vegetarian news and events and current volunteer opportunities with the Toronto Vegetarian Association.

Here to help

When we started veg.ca, we did so because we wanted to make it easier for people to choose a healthy diet that reflects their compassion and their concern for the environment.

The success of the site is proof that more people are interested in reducing their consumption of meat products. Our hope is that when Canadians make these choices about their diet, they know that veg.ca is here to help.

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