Vegetarian options at York University Keele Campus

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Prepared by the York Animal Rights Group (YARG) between Dec 2007 and April 2008. For more about YARG see (from this page you can download a print version the following list.)

This directory is intended to assist students who choose to eat a vegan (meat, fish, dairy and egg free) or vegetarian (meat and fish free) diet in making appropriate food choices on campus. This information is accumulated by student volunteers from managers of restaurants on campus.

Please note that this is a work in progress, and as such, there are many restaurants and/or vegan/vegetarian choices that are missing from the following list. Please check frequently for updates as volunteers work to complete the directory.

Restaurants noted as *favourite pick* are places where vegan and vegetarian options are clearly labelled, and where the staff are particularly knowledgeable and sensitive of vegan diets.

The Student Centre

The latter four places are in the Food Court

[rest.] The Underground **Favourite pick!
Vegan: Baked empanadas.
Vegetarian: The soup of the day, Underground quesidilla
Three Cheese Garlic Bread, Sweet potato Angnolotti, Penne Arabbiata, Grilled soy Chicken Fusilli, Embers Pad thai, Embers Veggie Burger, Open Faced Mushroom sandwich, Spinach & Herbed Three Potato Gratin.

[cafe] The Original Panzerotto Pizza
Vegan: Pasta with tomato sauce.
Vegetarian: Veggie pizza, veggie panzerotto.

[cafe] Pagoda
Vegan: Mixed vegetables, tofu, sesame potatoes, fried rice, spring rolls, salad.
Vegetarian: Chow mein (contains eggs), egg rolls (glazed with eggs).

[cafe] Subway
Vegan: Veggie delite sub (Italian bread); Sauces: oil, vinegar, mustard, sweet onion sauce and Fruizle.
Vegetarian: Wheat bread and deli roll contain honey; cheese topped breads contain milk and milk-derived ingredients); all sauces are vegetarian; cheese is primarily microbial but may be made with calf rennin so use at your own risk.

[cafe] Wendy’s
Vegan: Mandarin Chicken Salad (request for it without chicken); Salad with Fat Free Ranch Dressing or Italian Vinaigrette; Plain baked potato; French fries (however may be cooked in the same oil as products containing milk, eggs, or fish).
Vegetarian: Potatoes (with sour cream or cheese), Taco Salad (request for it without chilli)

Tel Building Cafeteria

[cafe] Pita Pit
Vegan: Garden Sandwich, Hummus, Baba ghanoush, Falafel.
Vegetarian: Swiss sandwich.

[cafe] Grill Works
Vegan: Grilled vegetables.
Vegetarian: Vegetarian Boca Burger.

[cafe] Centre Stage
Vegan: Vegan Teryaki Stir Fry, Pasta with Tomato Sauce.
Vegetarian: Vegetarian Stir Fry.

[cafe] Express
Vegan: Vegetable sushi rolls.

[cafe] Garden Salad
Vegan: 4 Bean Salad, Pasta salad, garden salad.
Vegetarian: Greek Salad.

York Lanes Retail Centre

Berries and Bloom
There are a number of salads and fruits that may be vegan or vegetarian, however YARG has not confirmed which items as of yet. Ask the server.

[rest.] Blueberry Hill
Vegan: Vegetarian chilli (request to have it without cheese), fries, salads.
Vegetarian: Poutine (vegetarian gravy).

[cafe] Falafel Hut Village
Vegan: Hummus & pita, falafel, eggplant salad (with or without pita), artichoke salad, chickpea salad, veggie delight (chickpeas, potatoes, rice, tomato sauce), fried eggplant, fried cauliflower, grapeleaf, tabouleh salad, garden salad, lentil soup.

[cafe] The General Store
York Lanes Retail Centre
Vegan: Variety of nuts, dried fruit, dark chocolate, canned soups, cereal, cookies (ex. Oreos), candy (ex. Sour patch kids), chips, vegan margarine, soy milk, juices.

[cafe] The Great Canadian Bagel
Vegan: All bagels (except French toast bagel and those with cheese on top), veggie sandwich (vegetables on bagel or bun).
Vegetarian: Vegetarian soups available. Egg salad sandwich, cheese sandwich, Bagels with cream cheese. Note: Lox cream cheese is NOT vegetarian.

[cafe] Indian Flavour **Favourite pick!
Vegan: Rice, chana (chickpeas), daal (lentils), potatoes, veggie samosa, mixed veggies, most curries, salads (vegan items are labelled).
Vegetarian: Hakka noodles (contains egg), veggie curries with yogurt or cottage cheese (labelled vegetarian), spinach samosas (contains cheese), veggie wrap (made with naan bread, mixed vegetables and mayo). The following items contain milk: naan bread, lassi (mango, sweet, salty or spicy), gulab jamun, carrot pudding, rice pudding, ras malai and chai tea.

[cafe] Mangia Mangia Italian Eatery
Vegan: Fresh vegetables, broccoli, smoothies, pasta, salads, freshly squeezed juice, gnocchi with tomato sauce.
Vegetarian: Cannelloni, tortellini, ravioli, vegetarian lasagne, veggie pizza, panzerotti.

[cafe] Sakura Japanese Cuisine
Vegan: Kappamaki (cucumber sushi), inari (soybean sushi), noodles with veggies and/or tofu, miso soup, tofu steak with rice and salad (ask for it without the egg)
Vegetarian: Tofu steak with egg, rice and salad.

[cafe] Taco Villa
Vegetarian items can be vegan if you request NO cheese, sour cream or guacomole.
Veggie tacos, veggie burritos, veggie platter, veggie salad, veggie quesadilla.

[cafe] Taste’s
Vegan: Veggie wrap, veggie sandwich, vegetable soup.
Vegetarian: Grilled cheese sandwich.

Winter’s College

[cafe] Absinthe Pub and Coffee Shop
Vegan: Humus platter, vegan chilli, often have vegan soups on rotation (ask the server).
Vegetarian: Veggie Quesadillas, nachos with cheese, usually one vegetarian daily special (Ask the server).

[cafe] Country Style Kosher Coffee
Winter’s College
Vegan: Falafel and all salads that come with falafel (hummus etc.)
Vegetarian: Veggie burgers, mushroom crepes, veggie rice, lasagna, pastas.

Other places on campus

[cafe] Booster Juice
Central Square
Vegan: hot acai, any of the juices, soy milk tetra paks, wheatgrass shot, acai nrg shaker, matcha shaker, acai berry bowl, zola acai tetra pak. N.B.: boosters contain bee pollen that is collected from the legs of bees (request to not include the booster)
Vegetarian: All Smoothies, juices and hot drinks; vegetarian panini, greek vegetarian wrap, egg scrambler wrap, yogurt blendz.

[cafe] Centre for Film & Theatre Café
Centre for Film & Theatre
Vegan: Veggie burger (bun contains eggs), potatoes.
Vegetarian: Sandwiches, potato pizza, select bar items, daily specials (including stuffed zucchini, grilled eggplant, stuffed red peppers with rice and vegetables, pasta).

[cafe] Complex 2 Cafeteria
Basement of Bethune/Stong
Vegan: Veggie sandwiches, salads.
Vegetarian: Daily specials always include one vegetarian item.

[cafe] Curtis Lecture Hall Vending Machines
Soy and rice milk tetra paks.

[rest.] The Grad Lounge **Favourite pick!
South Ross, 1st floor
Vegan: Chana wrap, veggie chilli, daily specials and soups often are vegan (inquire with staff; will be labelled as vegan), salads, soups, fair trade coffee, samosas with tvp, nacho chips.
Vegetarian: Veggie burgers, veggie burritos, often daily specials and soups (inquire with stuff; will be labelled). Note: The crusts of the Jamaican veggie patties contain beef products.

[cafe] Michaelangelo’s (Atkinson Cafeteria)
Lower Level Atkinson College
Vegan: Salad bar, fresh fruit.
Vegetarian: Sandwiches, potato pizza, select bar items, daily specials (including stuffed zucchini, grilled eggplant, stuffed red peppers with rice and vegetables, pasta).

[cafe] Orange Snail Pub
Stong College
We have been told this pub offers many vegan and vegetarian options, however we have not confirmed which items are vegan as of yet. We are also told the servers are knowledgeable and approachable regarding veg items.