Toronto Veg Card Discount Program


We are always happy to accept new vegan-friendly businesses to our Toronto Veg Card Discount Program. Our focus is food-related discounts, but we feature and welcome many other businesses that appeal to vegans and vegetarians. These businesses include restaurants, bakeries, and food stores, as well as vacation spots, spas, and meditation and yoga centres. We also welcome professional services including nutrition and wellness, cooking and other classes, and food delivery programs, as well as vegetarian-friendly and environmental products.

Your participation in the Toronto Veg Card Discount Program helps to support the Toronto Vegetarian Association (TVA), a registered charity with a mission to “inspire people to choose a healthier, greener, more compassionate lifestyle through plant-based eating.” It also provides you with access to over 1800 TVA members across the Greater Toronto Area.

Over 115 businesses participate in our program. For the current list of discount offers, see our Vegetarian Discount List. To join the Toronto Veg Card Program and receive other membership benefits for just $25 per year, see our membership page.

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Here are some of the considerations we make regarding how your discount fits within our program:

  • A listing in the Veg Guide is strongly encouraged (rates are discounted with enrolment in the discount program)
  • The relevance of your business to vegan eating and lifestyles
  • The location of your business relative to Toronto and the GTA
  • The amount of discount and the value of discounted products and services offered to cardholders
  • The terms and conditions of your discount

 What’s in it for you?

  • Up to 50% off the cost of a web listing in our online Veg Guide depending on your business and the discount offered
  • A free listing on our online Vegetarian Discount List
  • A free listing in the Discount List and access to advertising in our quarterly newsletter, Lifelines, as well as a free opt-in subscription

 The Application ProcessIMG_0713-300x225

  1. Notify us of the discount that you would like to offer by email at, or by calling 416-544-9800
  2. We will consider your offer and communicate with you regarding your acceptance into the program.
  3. Once your acceptance is confirmed, a confirmation email is sent with details about your participation in the program.

The Renewal Process

  1. You will receive contact regarding your discount each year in early summer with correspondence about renewing your Veg Guide listing to confirm your discount and continued participation.
  2. OR Contact us (by phone or email) any time to confirm your continued participation in the discount program and verify the accuracy of your ad. You may update or make any changes to the conditions on your discount at any time.
  3. Once we receive your confirmation, your discount program benefits will be renewed.

Please note:

We especially encourage vegetarian vacation spots within Ontario and cooking classes offered frequently to apply, as these businesses receive at least 25% off the cost of a basic listing in our Veg Guide.

Unfortunately, caterers are usually restricted from joining the discount program due to their flexible pricing and the irregularity of use by cardholders. However, we welcome applicants and may make exceptions.

A discount on listing may be revoked if an outstanding balance exists.

Please see our Toronto Veg Card info page for more details about the discount program for cardholders, and how to become a member.