Toronto Area

Toronto Area

For veggie events see our Toronto Area events page. See our TVA Groups page for small groups that are part of Toronto Vegetarian Association.

Action Volunteers for Animals

P.O. Box 64578, Unionville, ON L3R 0M9, 416-439-8770

Hands-on work, especially with feral cats, and educational activities. A registered charity.

ARK II-Animal Rights Kollective
~~ARK II is a non-profit animal rights group founded in 1984.
 We seek to promote and protect the rights of all animals and foster their individual liberties through direct action, political action and public awareness campaigns. We will strive to build a world where animal liberation and human liberation become one in a fabric of mutual respect, tolerance and compassion.

LOV: Liberty Over Violence

Liberty Over Violence exists to help all animals through public demonstration, educational campaigns, promoting a cruelty-free and compassionate lifestyle, and working towards changing legislation. LOV strongly believes that all nonhuman animals have inherent value and interests independent of their usefulness to humans. They deserve a life that is free from exploitation, confinement and suffering.

Toronto Vegetarian Association (TVA)
17 Baldwin St, 2nd Floor, Toronto M5T 1L1
Canada’s largest and oldest vegetarian organization. Dinners, events, annual Vegetarian Food Fair, Veggie Challenge, newsletter, discounts, public resource centre, See our TVA Groups page for small groups that are part of Toronto Vegetarian Association.

TVA Social Groups

UofT Coalition for Animal Rights and the Environment
Founded in May 2004, they are currently the only group on campus that deals with animal rights. Through the education efforts of members, the promote ethical animal treatment and environmental sustainability. If you have a facebook account you can checkout their facebook page.

V. A. S. T. – Veg*n Adventures and Socials in Toronto
Veg*n Adventures and Socials in Toronto (and beyond) offers a range of activities for those who are vegan/vegetarian/veggie-friendly. Our activities have have ranged from hiking in Rouge Valley, to ice skating, vegan camping, indoor climbing, to vegan bbq/potlucks. Formally called “TVA Adventures.”

York Animal Rights Group (Part of OPIRG-York) (from this page you can download a word document of their directory of veg-friendly places to eat on campus. Here is a web version: York University Keele Campus vegetarian directory ) (Sept. 2006). 
Purpose: To educate York University’s community about issues of animal rights and what individuals can do. We are a peaceful, non-violent, law-abiding, consensus-based group. We promote a vegan lifestyle, and support individuals in their transition to a cruelty-free lifestyle. We will be doing lots of tabling and leafleting throughout the year, as well as holding special screenings and presentations. We are interested in holding joint on-campus events with related groups, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any ideas! For more info, drop by OPIRG’s office on the 4th floor of the Student Centre or contact:”