Winnipeg Vegetarian Association
A non-profit group dedicated to fostering and encouraging vegetarianism in Winnipeg through social and educational activities.


We currently do not have any information regarding vegetarian-friendly organizations in this region.  Please e-mail us at if you have any information you would like to share.


Vegans and Vegetarians of Alberta
Vegans and Vegetarians of Alberta (VVoA) is a registered, non-profit society formed in 1989 to serve people who are interested in learning about, adopting and/or maintaining a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

Alberta Veg Meetups

Calgary Vegetarian Society
Formed in the autumn of 1980 to serve as a source of encouragement and information on the vegetarian way of life for people of Vancouver Island and surrounding areas.

British Columbia

Earth Save Canada 

They are a registered charity since 1985 advocating for a plant-based diet. They have a veg directory for the area and plenty of great resources!