2nd Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-Off

2nd Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-Off

Bake-OffOn October 3rd, a group of dedicated TVA volunteers hosted the 2nd Annual Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-Off.

By 4 o’clock a hungry mass had arrived at the Harbourfront Community Centre, ready to sample the fantastic vegan treats and deliver their judgment on the best-in-show. It seems that offering an array of fabulous homemade vegan treats is vastly appealing. We were pleasantly surprised to welcome over 300 tasters.

Everyone voraciously consumed the amazing treats and enthusiastically shared their feedback. After just a couple of hours, well over 2000 samples had disappeared and the celebrated titles were ready to be awarded.

CupcakesThe fabulous contestants did an amazing job of shattering the stereotypes commonly associated with vegan desserts. They each put countless hours of effort into carefully crafting their submissions, and each plate was painstakingly presented. Many entries employed props (we particularly loved the little stuffed squirrel) to add a creative flair and set their entry apart from the 39 others.


JudgesDoug Mcnish (Chef at Live Organic Food Bar), jae steele (author of Get It Ripe) and Eden Hertzog (owner of New Moon Kitchen) awarded titles and prizes in 13 categories (see the full list of winners below). They tirelessly chewed through all 40 entries. It was a tough and sweet job but they persevered. As each award was handed out the judges shared their thoughts on what made that particular entry a winner.

Doug, jae and Eden brought incredible enthusiasm to this challenging post. They tasted, debated and left incredibly satiated…it was a whole lot of sugar for any three people to consume, and we are so grateful for their wonderful energy and the encouragement they offered to everyone who participated.

After all of the votes were cast the volunteers counted and recounted…not because they were unsure of their math skills but because we had a tie. A tie! The Fan Favourite title was shared by the Lemon Poppyseed Cake and Spacegirls’ Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip, Banana, Hemp Cookies. We had a few volunteers willing to continue sampling until they could declare one of these delicious desserts victorious. Instead we opted to have these two delicious vegan delights share the “Fan Favourite” title.

SamplingWe are incredibly grateful for all of the volunteers who participated in hosting the Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-Off. Some of them have been helping to devise the event since July. On the big day, they managed to negotiate the warm welcome of 300 tasters, serve over 2000 samples, sell a pile of vegan cookbooks, distribute 16 prize packs, and complete the clean up in minutes. The day would not have happened without them. Despite moments of chaos, they all kept smiling.

Oh, and the Prizes! We were happy to see the excitement on the winners’ faces when the title of their entry was announced. It was wonderful to be able to celebrate their culinary efforts with a beautiful prize pack. Each prize was generously donated by a wonderful group of sponsors. For our contestants, walking out with a handmade blue ribbon (by the fabulous Natalie) and a lovely package of gifts, made all of those hours in the kitchen worth it.

PrizeWe would like to thank all of our fabulous sponsors for their generosity and their support in our work to spread the excitement about vegan treats.

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