A Veggielicious Start to the Long Weekend

Care of Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator Summer is pretty much here, which means it’s time for the office to get busy again! We’re excited to have our Directory Coordinator, Andrea, be joining us in the office for the summer, so we couldn’t resist ending off the magical two weeks that has been Veggielicious with a celebratory send-off lunch. With more than 40 restaurant locations participating in this year’s event, scheduling in all the specials we wanted to try was definitely a challenge. When Andrea came into the office last week, she raved about the Corned Beet Reuben Sandwich she had from Yamchops, and even more so about the cauliflower chocolate pudding it came with. Emily’s schedule allowed for both a nice, sit down, three-course meal at Southern Accent, as well as a morning pit stop at Rawlicious to enjoy their $4.50 smoothie bowl (DIVINE! was how she described it). David and I, never being ones to shun some good, old-fashioned, deep fried goodness truly delighted in Disgraceland’s mighty prix-fix menu of popcorn tofu, a butter “chicken” burrito, and deep-fried oreos and blueberry perogies for dessert. Yes, by this point in time,… Read More

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Veggielicious Pop-Up!

Celebrate the launch of the Toronto Vegetarian Association’s 6th Annual Veggielicious by joining us at Artscape Sandbox on Sunday, May 7th. We’ll be featuring dozens of vendors sampling and selling sweet and savoury vegan goodies, artisanal goods, accessories and apparel, health and beauty products, and featured Veggielicious restaurants. Tickets can… Read More

Why I Still Think Toronto is a Veggie Wonderland

By Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator You might recall this post from last year where I compared New York and Toronto’s restaurant offerings and questioned why Toronto wasn’t known the world over as a must-visit destination for vegetarian foodies. While I still think this is one of the best cities for it’s wide variety and countless list of vegetarian and veg-friendly restaurants and bakeries (so many that while having lived here all my life, I still haven’t even been to all of them) I’m sorry to report that since writing that post, several of the places I singled out as being oh so special and unique have closed. We no longer have an Italian cafe to get vegan cheesey rice balls and there’s no longer a place I’m aware of where you can sit down and order a vegan fried egg sandwich. The final blow came this week when I heard the news that our beloved all vegan taco shop, Hot Beans, home of the mac ‘n cheese burrito I raved about, is closing at the end of February. Hearing the news that one of my all time favourite restaurants was shutting… Read More

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