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Toronto Veggie Parade – 9th Annual

Toronto is having its 9th annual Veggie Parade on Sunday, July 7th! The Toronto Veggie Parade is an annual celebration of all things veg! We invite all veg (vegan/vegetarian/veg-friendly) folks to join us in celebrating together all of the hard work we do for animals, the planet, and our… Read More

Veggie Parade 2014

There is a party this weekend and you are all invited. Have you ever wanted to dress up as your favourite fruit or vegetable, flaunt your veg lifestyle or maybe ride on a float? You even have a chance to dress up as the famous Broccoli Boy! It is all possible at the Veggie Parade! The Toronto Vegetarian Association is proud to host the 5th annual Veggie Parade and support Toronto’s ever-growing and passionate veg community! You can join us and your plant-eating, animal-loving friends at 11am June 7th at Yonge & Bloor. After we all gather we will march across Bloor to Christie and then to the Raw/Vegan Festival where you can experience anything from an organic whole foods market to shiatsu massage. What’s better than eating and getting a massage? June 7th is fast approaching and money is needed to bring in floats and music (because every parade is better with big, flashy floats!) So even if you are not able to attend the actual event, you can still support the parade by donating. Any amount welcome! So come make all your veggie dreams come true at the 2014 Veggie Parade and support the local veg community. We will see you there! Find… Read More

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