vegan drinks

Vegan Wine Pairings with MS Jennifer Heuther and Priya Rao

With the popularity of plant-based and vegan diets on the rise, more vegan wines and foods are available than ever before. Celebrated Master Sommelier Jennifer Huether will explore the art of pairing vegan foods and wines for this growing market, explaining the specifics of vegan wine-making and how to identify… Read More

COOKING CLASS: DIY Dairy-Free Milks by Emily Anderson

Even with the growing popularity of dairy-free milks in the market today, they can often be expensive or can lack good flavour. Join plant-based chef, Emily Anderson, as she shares the simplicity, satisfaction, and deliciousness of creating your own homemade nut and oat milks! In this class, you will learn… Read More

Vegan Cooking Class in Toronto

From the kitchen to the dining table is a vegan cooking experience where you get to learn culinary skills and be hands on using fresh ingredients including herbs and spices to flavour up your food. You will get a 3 course meal with signature drink and after the class you… Read More

Sausage Party at Shacklands Brewery!

Sausage Party will be slinging fully loaded veggie hotdogs at Shacklands Brewery this Saturday 27 Jan, 1 till 5pm! 4 menu options ($3-$7) , hand crafted veg beer sausage, vegan pepperettes and tasty snacks! Come listen to punk rock, grab yo’self a beer and settle in with a hotdog (or… Read More

An Afternoon of Vegan Wine & Cheese

Join Alex & Priya, owners of A Vine Romance and hosts of THE DRINK on Bell Fibe TV1 for an afternoon of wine and (dairy-free) cheese from Fauxmagerie Zengarry. With several varieties of cheese, how do you choose the right wine to pair? Advanced Sommelier, Alex Powell will be on… Read More