Vegetarian Delivery Guide 2014

It’s that time of year… when it’s cold and dark and all you really want to do is curl up on the couch with a delicious meal that you didn’t have to make yourself. Welcome to the first ever Toronto Vegetarian Delivery Guide! This is the place to peruse all of the Toronto Vegetarian Directory favourites that offer a delivery service. Find out locations, hours, delivery fees/zones, and more. Find yourself looking for a good vegetarian brunch/breakfast? Also check out our Vegetarian Brunch and Breakfast Guide 2013 while you’re at it! Click on the company’s name for a full listing. v Belmonte Raw 1022 Queen St. E., 647-213-4990, Everything from full month Cleanses, meals, individual juices, full Raw Menu, and even Chocolate! How to order: directly from website. Must sign up to order. Minimum order/Delivery charge: $70 purchase required. Cleanses are delivered between 5 and 9:30am and are subject to a location-specific delivery charge (to be calculated on checkout). Click here to view cleanses, juices, raw menu, and chocolate options. Read More

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Discount Profile: Veda Healthy Indian Cuisine

If you’re looking for an affordable but hearty and filling lunch, look no further than Veda Healthy Indian Cuisine (and I mean that literally, you no longer need to look far because they now have 4 locations!). This Indian fast food take out place is not only very vegan-friendly, but the vegan options are clearly labelled making ordering quick and easy. Unless of course you are indecisive like me and can’t decide what to order! They carry “curritos” (vegetable curry and rice wrapped up a buritto), stuffed naan (yes!), and even a veggie burger. After much debate, I decided to go for the $5 small curry bowl (you can get a large for $8), which gave me my choice of regular or vegetable basmati rice, and 2 curries. There were 2 lacto-vegetarian and 3 vegan curries to choose for. I went for the mixed vegetable curry and channa masala and both were delicious, with just the perfect amount of spicyness for a bit of a kick. I topped it off with a baked veggie samosa, and after using my Toronto Veg Card for 10% off, the total including tax came to only $5.87! Discount: 10% off… Read More

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