TVP: 357 Vegan LoOoOve

Today on the podcast, Lisa, Shalini, and Ana talk about vegan love, vegan dating, and first date (or general date ideas) for finding a new vegan hunni (or omni hunni). Pages we talked about: Peta: Living>Men: Why Your Lover Will Be Glad You’re Vegan VegNews: How to Date a Vegan The Vegan Woman: 10 Romantic Vegan Date Ideas Challenge 22 Three First Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Food in Your Teeth or Yelling in Crowded Bars Vegan Condoms The Huffington Post: How to Date a Vegan Vegan Dating Sites: Veggie Date Veggie MatchMakers (100% free according to the google snippet) Veggie Connection Upcoming Events: 8th Annual Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-Off Feature Photo from The Oregon Tale TVP: 357 Veg Out Jan 30 Play in new window | Download… Read More

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