Veg-Friendly Resorts

A common question that repeatedly comes up in the Toronto Vegetarian Association Facebook group is: do you have any recommendations for a veg-friendly vacation resort? Many thanks to members of the group who have responded! Check out these options below. More to come soon! If you have any other suggestions to add please email Ylang Ylang in Costa Rica Lands in Love in Costa Rica Sandos Caracol EcoResort in Mexico (one on site restaurant is vegetarian) El Dorado Seaside in Mexico (clearly labelled vegan options on menus) Anse Chastanet in St. Lucia offers an all-vegan restaurant called Emeralds Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita in Mexico was recommended in VegNews Magazine, noting that plant-based chef Leslie Durso has many dishes at the resort’s three restaurants.      … Read More

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Five Great Vegan Eats for Your Next American Vacation

By Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator Disclaimer: This is not another vegan fast food post. While those articles are important (and we even have a whole fast food section here at!), they’re often meant to highlight what you can find if no other options exist. They’re often about settling for whatever cruelty-free food you can find, assuming you need to throw out any rules you might normally live by in terms of the ethics of supporting chains that profit from animal cruelty or in terms of your own personal health and well-being. But for me, the following four chains aren’t places I settle for when on vacation; they’re places I seek out. Even when travelling to a vegan mecca like Las Vegas or a relatively veg-friendly place like Tampa, I’m looking for a Tropical Smoothie to grab breakfast or a Whole Foods to stock the room with dessert. Next time you’re travelling to a city without a whole lot of explicitly vegetarian restaurants, fear not. Just do a quick search online to find out if the city or town you’re in has these four chains nearby and I promise you won’t be settling. Read More

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A Very Veggie Time in Costa Rica

By Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator Before I went to Costa Rica, I was told vegan food might be relatively easy to come by but that it would be bland and repetitive. I was expecting to subsist on rice and beans and fruit for breakfast, and a standard pasta dish at our hotel restaurant for dinner. So I did a bit of research on potential restaurants before we went away, but not nearly to the extent that I normally do when planning a vacation. I had just accepted this fate and reminded myself, this trip isn’t about the food. So imagine my surprise and delight to find vegan options around every corner and right in my face, without any effort at all. Here are some of the places vegan food just showed up on our doorstep. I encourage you to take notes and make them part of your Costa Rican itinerary when you venture to this spectacular country! P.S If you want to skip the small talk, scroll to the end of this post for a quick list of vegetarian options in Arenal, Manuel Antonio and Alajuela. Day 1: We arrive at our… Read More

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A Tale of 2 Vegan Cities: Toronto vs. New York

By Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator New York City, so I’ve heard, is famous for it’s cornucopia of vegetarian restaurants. So, when my partner suggested he’d like to take a vacation there with one purpose in mind, to eat, I was up for it (although it doesn’t take much to convince me to go on vacation anywhere). Veggie Cajun chicken at Red Bamboo I found planning our 5 night trip quite overwhelming at first. With literally over 400 listings coming up for New York City on Happy Cow, in a city so vast and huge, I had no idea where to start in terms of narrowing down restaurant options and selecting a neighbourhood to stay in. Enter the beloved Toronto Vegetarian Association Facebook group community. Suddenly I had reliable sources of people with like-minded food preferences making recommendations for their favourite places and even sharing their personal google maps to help me get a sense for where the hot spots were. Despite everyone telling me 5 nights is a long time to spend in New York and plenty of time to get in the best restaurants and popular tourist attractions, I STILL felt overwhelmed and quickly came… Read More

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Veg Travel in Central America and Beyond

by Dinesh S. Parakh Canadians are fond of heading south to escape the clutches of winter, with many of the most popular destinations being in the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America. Trouble is, these parts of the world are not known for their animal-friendly culinary offerings, lacking a well-developed ‘veg consciousness’ compared to places like India, Taiwan, Ethiopia or Jamaica where vegetarianism is part of religious and cultural tradition. Some veg travelers don’t particularly care about the food, are fine with picking around meat, and take their chances with being temporarily malnourished. For others, authentic local (veg) food is an integral part of the travel experience. If you are indeed a veg foodie, we’d like to share some of our family’s experiences and tips for more successful (and delicious) veg travel, focused on Central America and the Caribbean. Safe, friendly and clean Costa Rica is popular with North Americans, and partly for that reason, it is relatively easy to find veg meals. You can order pizza/pasta/stir-fry in many restaurants, but there are also plenty of exclusively veg offerings. For example, the Israeli-run Lands in Love was a stunning find – a hotel smack dab in the middle of the… Read More

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Podcast 295 : A Vegan Winter Wonderland

It turns out there is lots to look forward to during this never-ending winter! Toronto is bustling with upcoming vegetarian events that Sarah, Angeline, Kirti and Cindy share. But if that’s not enough to win you over, you can also live vicariously through Angeline’s talk about her veg-friendly trip to Mexico! Listen now! Play in new window | Download… Read More

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Discount Profile: Rooster’s Inn

If you’re looking for somewhere to get away for a day or two, look no further than the Rooster’s Inn B and B and Farm Sanctuary. The Rooster’s Inn, located just outside of Port Perry, offers the perfect opportunity to blend a vacation for yourself with supporting the rescue of farm animals. Your stay in one of the Rooster’s Inn’s beautiful guest rooms includes a gourmet vegetarian or vegan breakfast, plus a chance to unwind in their pool, and to meet their rescued animals including goats, chinchillas, guinea pigs and of course roosters and chickens. Recently featured in TVA’s documentary about local farm animal rescue, the Rooster’s Inn offers a 10% discount when you present your Toronto Veg Card. Where else can you relax in comfort, eat delicious vegetarian food, support a good cause and save a few dollars while you’re at it? Where? Located on the north side of Highway 7A, a few minutes east of Port Perry Veg Status? Vegetarian, although they have just as much expertise preparing vegan meals and easily do so upon request Savings with Toronto Veg Card: 10% off… Read More

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