Why I Still Think Toronto is a Veggie Wonderland

By Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator You might recall this post from last year where I compared New York and Toronto’s restaurant offerings and questioned why Toronto wasn’t known the world over as a must-visit destination for vegetarian foodies. While I still think this is one of the best cities for it’s wide variety and countless list of vegetarian and veg-friendly restaurants and bakeries (so many that while having lived here all my life, I still haven’t even been to all of them) I’m sorry to report that since writing that post, several of the places I singled out as being oh so special and unique have closed. We no longer have an Italian cafe to get vegan cheesey rice balls and there’s no longer a place I’m aware of where you can sit down and order a vegan fried egg sandwich. The final blow came this week when I heard the news that our beloved all vegan taco shop, Hot Beans, home of the mac ‘n cheese burrito I raved about, is closing at the end of February. Hearing the news that one of my all time favourite restaurants was shutting… Read More

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