Where to Buy Vegan Shoes in Toronto

Today we continue sharing the vast knowledge from folks in the Toronto Vegetarian Association Facebook group. This resourceful group of people always seem to have answers to every and any question, so we’re creating a series of posts to compile and share this wonderful information. Here is the third in the series: Where to buy vegan shoes in Toronto. (Note: others completed so far include “Where to Find Vegan Coats” and “Host a Vegan Wedding”. Dr. Martens has vegan boots and shoes Saucony has many vegan shoes Payless, Aldo, Globo Shoes and The Shoe Company will typically carry some non-leather shoes for men, but usually the salespeople are not familiar with the contents of the shoes so you must read the labels. Try searching on the companies’ websites before visiting in store to make your search easier. Nice Shoes is a Canadian vegan shoe company in BC that offers free shipping with orders over $100 Sketchers has many cozy, evryday vegan shoes Visit Groovy and Get Outside on Queen West for a wide selection of Vans shoes, which have many vegan sneakers Journey’s… Read More

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