Vegetarianism on a Dime

Cheap Vegetarian Eats Everyone’s talking about the economy these days, and looking for ways to save some extra cash. Lucky for us vegetarians, it’s usually much cheaper to eat out meat free than it is for omnivores. For example, have you ever gone to an Italian restaurant and taken a look at the cost of the pasta dishes sans meat compared to the veal parmigiana? Here are some tips for treating yourself to tasty meals, both out on the town and at home, without shrinking your wallet. There are plenty of vegetarian restaurants in Toronto that offer great bang for your buck. Check out Buddha’s Vegetarian Restaurant on Dundas Street for massive portions with a small price tag, or Udupi Palace in Little India for an affordable and delicious vegetarian meal. If you live in the suburbs, you’ll want to try Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant at Highway Seven and West Beaver Creek, another Asian vegetarian restaurant that can easily fill a family of four for $30. If you’re looking for organics, don’t assume it has to cost a fortune. Consider some of the smaller, independent health food stores such as Baldwin Naturals in Baldwin Village, Foods for Life in… Read More

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