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A Compassionate Carrot: A Tribute to Sally Grande

By Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator When I started working at the Toronto Vegetarian Association, it didn’t take long for me to meet Sally Grande. I quickly learned that she had been one of the rocks and foundations of the TVA for decades. She and Anne Dozell were instrumental in starting TVA’s social groups, which now number more than a dozen. They pioneered most of TVA’s early publications and resources such as Vegetarians Taste of the World, a fantastic Getting Started booklet, and Sally was also co-editor of TVA’s newsletter Lifelines for many years. While working full time as a librarian, she managed to continue into her 50s to be an extremely active volunteer, and so I got to know her quickly. During my time here, I’ve seen her lead one of TVA’s most active social groups, the Durham Veg Group (you can see photos and details of past events here for proof of just how active they are!). With help from a few, but doing an incredible amount of the work on her own, she piloted the Durham Vegetarian Festival in 2009, which in it’s first year had over 5000 attendees! It… Read More

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