Veggies of Hamilton-Burlington: People Under the Staircase

This newly opened restaurant (Jan.29/21) specializes in vegan pub food. We will meet for dinner on the patio (weather permitting). For more information, see web page: or Instagram: Please RSVPto by Sat. Aug 14th at 8pm to confirm your attendance for Sunday’s dinner… Read More

Veg Guide — Mother’s Day Specials!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 13th!  If you’re looking for a place to take Mom to eat, or somewhere to buy her a nice treat to bring along for your day, you’re in the right place! Here are some great ideas from our awesome Veg Guide businesses!   Mother’s Day Meal Specials   Yoga Meditation 416-539-0234 Meditation Toronto is having their weekly Enchanted Evening on Mother’s Day. Group meditation. Breathing meditation plus chanting of sacred mantras to live music. Vegetarian meal. 6-8 pm. Free or by donation. Trinity-St. Paul’s Church, 427 Bloor W. at Spadina. 416-539-0234.     Rawlicious Toronto location: 785 Bathurst St., 416-519-7150, Other locations in Kitchener, Hamilton, Markham, and Whitby. Rawlicious is having a Mother’s Day Pancake Brunch! From 10am ’till 2pm for $18.00 per person, you will get coffee or tea, Pancake stacks with mixed berries, bananas & fruit compote.         Thrive Organic Kitchen & Cafe 3473 Lake Shore Blvd. W, Etobicoke 416-252-7700   Thrive will be offering new menu items for Mother’s Day:… Read More

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Veggies of Hamilton-Burlington – Visit to Root 8

Sat. Oct. 14 at 6pm Root 8, 5041 King St., Beamsvillle After a well attended dinner meetup in Grimsby last fall, we will venture out to this recently opened restaurant in Beamsville. All meals are homemade, vegan, gluten free and organic and there are some raw options. For… Read More

A Fond Farwell to Grasslands

This may seem like old news now to some, but to anyone who ever experienced the amazing food and fine dining experience at longtime Toronto staple Grasslands (formerly Fressen), you will understand why we are still mourning the loss! By Diane Burgin, President of Toronto Vegetarian Association It was 2001 when I discovered Fressen, one year after its opening. It was love at first bite. I took so much food home the first time. Then I decided the easiest way to enjoy the food was to keep going back! I remember the very first item I ate there. It was a Swiss chard salad with miso dressing, a border of long strips of cucumber, and topped with sesame seeds. I also remember the side dish of button mushrooms served in a mini cast iron skillet. By week two, my favourite item was locked in – the polenta appetizer on a bed of garlic-spinach, surrounded by tomato sauce. With all the menu changes to follow, the polenta dish managed to be represented on all menus. Even with my love of polenta, the veggies were the star attraction when the main dishes were served. Do you remember the zucchini shaped like a… Read More

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Discount Profile: Grasshopper Restaurant

Care of Christina Vani I first heard of Grasshopper when I saw various postings on social media that a “brand new vegan restaurant” was hiring servers. A loved one was looking for work in this area and subsequently applied, so my first impression of the place was through his eyes: the restaurant was cozy, bright, and positively bustling with people during the weekday lunch hour—and the restaurant had only just opened its doors. This definitely bodes well. For a U of T student, I am painfully ignorant of the wallet-friendly but high-quality establishments that surround campus, since I typically eat at home before heading to the university. Grasshopper’s relatively recent opening has changed that, though. Just minutes from campus, on College between Bathurst and Spadina, Grasshopper, which qualifies itself as a “vegetarian restaurant with a focus on taste,” offers a delicious vegetarian spin on Vietnamese banh-mi (“chick-un” as well as pulled-pork) in addition to decadent vegan comfort foods that have begun cropping up on restaurant menus, vegan and non-vegan alike, across Toronto. These include chick-un nuggets (served with creamy barbecue or peanut sauces) as an appetizer, chili, quinoa mac ’n’ cheese, and a burger platter. Finally,… Read More

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Discount Profile: The Beet

BBQ Tofu Wrap with Side Salad Care of Barbi Lazarus When the Vegetarians of High Park recently visited the Beet for dinner, it was a great opportunity to see (and salivate over) almost all of their amazing vegetarian and vegan options. I decided for once I would try something other than my usual favourite, the vegan mac and cheese. The Beet’s dairy-free version of this classic dish is so creamy and topped with not only breadcrumbs but hemp hearts too, that it’s usually hard for me to resist ordering it. But this time, I opted for the kale ceasar salad and a side of vegan poutine. The kale ceasar was incredible and tasted just like how I remember the much more cruel version that usually includes lots of heavy cream and anchovies. It was topped with plenty of seeds and mixed with crunchy croutons. The poutine was made from a vegetarian gravy and dairy-free cheese on top of big, thick, fluffy potatoe wedges, a mix of both white and sweet potatoes. While I thoroughly enjoyed my meal, it was hard not to want a taste of what I watched my friends eat. The BBQ tempeh… Read More

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A hoppin’ new vegetarian restaurant in Toronto

By Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator Just when I thought Toronto really had it all in terms of vegetarian options, yet another restaurant has opened up. This one brings unique menu items you might be more likely to find on a food truck, and since Toronto has been slow to catch up with other North American destinations in terms of the food truck craze, this is surely exciting news! You may not have heard about Grasshopper just yet because they’re currently in their “soft-launch” phase. In fact, they’re still testing out their menu and adding or subtracting items, so if you want to give them some feedback and help shape their menu before the official opening date on February 13th, head over soon! That’s exactly what the Toronto Vegetarian Association staff did earlier this week, and my mouth is still watering from the fantastic items we tried. Allow me to share: Pulled Pork Bahn Mi Sandwich: This soy-based pulled “pork” sandwich comes on a perfectly toasted sub bun and has such a wonderfully sweet, gooey sauce. It comes with your choice of side, of which I chose the fries. They were classic fast-food style skinny fries… Read More

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Discount Profile: Tenon Vegetarian Cuisine

We have profiled Tenon Vegetarian Cuisine in the past, shortly after they first opened, but with the new all-you-can-eat menu there is so much tasty news to share! The price for the all-you-can-eat menu is $20.99, but you will pay less with your Toronto Veg Card, which gets you 10% off. That price tag gets you unlimited orders of a wide variety of amazing dishes not found on their regular menu. My father and I each ordered the all-you-can-eat special so we were able to share and enjoy a wide range of dishes including sesame “chicken” (that was our favourite!) and orange “chicken”, seaweed salad, tofu with peanut sauce and mango salad. We also sampled a few different sushi dishes which were just as beautiful in presentation as they were in taste. Our favourite was the King Dragon sushi you see pictured here: it was coated with avocado and stuffed with sweet potato, cucumber and something crispy too! It was a difficult decision because Tenon’s regular menu also offers so many enticing Thai and Japanese dishes, including vegetarian shrimp in red curry and coconut milk, won tons with peanut sauce, thai basil “beef” and Bento boxes… Read More

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