All in the family

I know that many people who go vegetarian struggle with maintaining happy relationships with their families. Some face outright resistance and anger from family members, and some just feel left out (and hungry) at family gatherings. So I hope you’ll excuse me for bragging, but I feel like I’ve had it pretty good. When I first went vegan, I was still at a stage where my mom was preparing all of my food. She quickly picked up on Yves and Zoglos, pretty much the only two brands of faux meat products around at the time, and would send me to school with veggie salami sandwiches and sometimes make spaghetti and meatsauce using Yves ground round. Shortly after, we discovered that the Kosher Sobey’s in our neighbourhood had a freezer full of Tofutti vegan ice cream products so there was always a good supply of dessert in the house too. Towards the end of high school I had found out about TVA and my mom joined me at my first trip to the Annual Vegetarian Food Festival. My dad got into the habit of ordering veggie burgers whenever the option was available and never made a fuss about going to vegetarian restaurants on… Read More

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