Discount Profile” Shop ‘Til You Drop at Panacea

  Go Max Go Bars at Pancea, photo care of Yes, it’s true that we’ve spoken about Panacea before, but a recent trip to this vegan wonderland meant we couldn’t resist telling you about our most recent visit. Every time you go to Panacea it’s like stepping into a new store – they are constantly stocking new products and moving things around to make space for more and more plant-based products. Panacea is more than just a natural food store – it’s Toronto’s first and only all vegan grocery store. For anyone that opts for a plant-based diet, there’s no way to describe the burden lifted off your shoulders when you walk into a store and can freely pick whatever your heart desires from the shelves, without having to read any labels. And although that might sound dangerous to anyone watching their spending, there is of course the bonus that with your Toronto Veg Card you’ll get 5% off your purhcases! So what were some of the latest surprises we found on our last trip to Panacea? A wide selection of those decadent Go Max Go Bars (yes, the chocolate bars that replicate name brands like Mars and… Read More

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