They can run, but they can't hide from veganism

Care of Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Coordinator If your New Year’s resolution is to encourage more people to go vegan, it seems you’re not alone. Saturday, January the 5th, the first weekend of 2019, witnessed a thrilling exhibition of vegan-related stories from mainstream media outlets. It seems everyone and anyone can’t stop talking about the fact that veganism is here to stay and is going to be a dominant force in society and economics in 2019 and beyond. CBC dedicated 10 minutes to the plant-based revolution. As ‘meat-eater’ Elmer Kim states: “I’ve got to tell you… This is absolutely going to revolutionize the food industry. The beef industry, if they don’t get this right, they’re going to be like the taxi industry. They’re going to look like Blockbuster because this is coming down like a tidal wave.” Click here to watch this clip which is sure to excite you about the progress we are making! This was accompanied by both an online article and a clip on CBC Radio promoting Veganuary, that included comments from me about the 7-Day Veggie Challenge and how it can support people doing… Read More

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Promote Vegetarianism Through Mainstream Media

On September 9th thousands of Toronto Star readers opened up the front section to discover that vegetarian Patrick Baboumian broke a Guiness World Record for the heaviest yoke-walk at the Annual Vegetarian Food Festival. Media success stories like this demonstrate that vegetarianism is a healthy and delicious choice to make, and your donation today will enable more success in 2014. Professional media relations from qualified experts gets results. In addition to the Toronto Star feature and Global TV coverage of the Vegetarian Food Festival, generous donors engaged media to broadcast the incredible array of vegetarian dining options in Toronto through substantial coverage of Veggielicious, including a live interview on CBC radio. Please make a year-end, tax-deductible donation today to build momentum and make 2014 the year we put vegetarianism on everyone’s radar. Simply select “Make a one time contribution” and enter “media” as the campaign code. We want to get the word out about the benefits of vegetarianism in mainstream newspapers, on radio and on TV throughout the year, and plaster Toronto with stories that engage audiences in our events and campaigns like the 7-Day Veggie Challenge. Read More

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