Discount Profile: Cooking Classes from Marni Wasserman

Care of John Graber I attended a Marni Wasserman cooking class a couple of years back and it changed my dietary habits for the better.  I was already eating a healthy vegan diet with an emphasis on whole and raw foods, but she took me to the next level with her inspiring presentation.  She helped me wrap my head around using more super foods which previously I had been a little intimidated to try. Marni’s cooking classes are fun and non-judgemental.  She does a great job of sharing her vast knowledge of vegan nutrition through her presentation.  Questions are encouraged and Marni replies honestly. On top of this, you’re going to leave Marni’s feeling satisfied and full of a wide variety of healthy vegan food which you helped to prepare through her hands-on educational techniques. And if you’re a TVA member, you get a very generous 20% off the price of each class! I highly doubt there’s a better way to learn some new vegan cooking techniques. Discount: 20% off Veg Status: All vegan Where: Marni Wasserman’s Food Studio & Lifestyle Shop at 510 Eglinton Ave. West… Read More

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