Discount Profile: Live Organic Food Bar

From an anonymous office worker Imagine my delight when I found out that Order It, the food delivery service my office uses, was starting to deliver from Live Organic Food Bar, an all-vegan restaurant. I now have the pleasure of getting lunch from them almost weekly. My favourite two things to order from Live are the Seoul Bowl and the Big Bowl. The Seoul Bowl has a range of delicious flavors with a citrus dressing, kimchi, pickles and marinated portabello mushroom caps. It also comes with a hefty amount of pulled burdock, quinoa and a piece of lightly seared tofu that make the dish quite hearty and filling. It will keep you satiated until dinner time that’s for sure! The Big Bowl is more of a salad and comes with a healthy amount of kale and greens. However, along with it you get a scoop of sunflower hummus that I enjoy to mix in with my fork of greens, and this makes it a satisfying and filling lunch on its own. You get to choose your dressing (I like to go with their ceasar which isn’t exactly the same as a traditional ceasar but… Read More

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Discount Profile: Live Organic Food Bar

  Raw Vegan French Toast, care of With spring finally starting to show her face, many people are yearning to indulge in fresh produce and are ready to turn aside the winter’s soups and stews for something a little more refreshing. It’s the perfect time to check out Live Organic Food Bar. Lisa Pitman recently ventured there for a scrumptious brunch that was nothing short of extraordinary. Click here to read all about her fantastic dining experience, and to see mouthwatering photos of the delicious food! Veg Status? Vegan Savings with Toronto Veg Card: 10% off Mondays to Wednesdays, after 4 pm Location: 264 Dupont Street… Read More

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