Introducing new members of the TVA team!

Summer at TVA means busy days prepping for the Veg Food Fest and outreach events, tripping over boxes of books and last but not least, two new staff people each and every year who join our team as the Festival and Events Assistant and Veg Directory Assistant. This summer, while our Executive Director David Alexander takes some time off to spend with his new daughter Sadie, we also have a new interim General Manager, Lucas Solowey and a new Veg Food Fest coordinator. Before the summer flashes by before our eyes, here’s a chance to get to know a few of the TVA folks a bit better. Kara Webb – Festival & Events Assistant Coffee or tea? I grew up a tea person, but I have also always liked coffee. But since moving to Canada, coffee culture has taken over my tastes and I now probably drink too much coffee and only have a ‘normal tea’ (black tea with milk), maybe once or twice a week. Dog or cat? This is TOO hard. As with coffee v tea, I used to consider myself one way inclined (cats) and am now completely obsessed with the other, dogs dogs dogs! Really I… Read More

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