Meet Janine: TVA Staff Profile

You may have noticed some new places popping up on the Toronto Veg Card lately (check https://veg.ca/directory/list/discount-list for an updated list). That’s in part due to the fact that it’s veg directory season! We’ve got Janine in this summer helping to update the Vegetarian Directory and get it ready to go to print in time for the Veg Food Fest. What do you do at the Toronto Vegetarian Association? I am helping prepare the 2017 Vegetarian Directory. Much of my job has to do with communicating with businesses and updating their listings in the directory database. The second phase of my job is to present workshops to various organizations and businesses to promote a plant-based diet. How did you become interested in vegetarianism? It started at a young age for me. I have always been very health conscious and as I grew older I learned more about the (various) benefits associated with with vegetarianism. As I am now pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Health, I hope to help educate more people about the importance of healthy eating. What do you like most about working for TVA? The staff here has really made my experience as a summer student something… Read More

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Transitioning to Veganism

By Janine Jivani, Vegetarian Directory Assistant One of the things that I love about the Toronto Vegetarian Association is that they offer a variety of ways to learn about eating a plant-based diet no matter if you’re already veg or not. I was recently hired as a summer student (to work on the 2017 Vegetarian Directory and facilitate workshops), and I’ve learned so much more in the past couple of months than I would’ve ever thought. I have been a vegetarian ever since middle school and tried going vegan quite a few times- but always found myself giving up because I didn’t have the right resources, know the right foods to eat, or what recipes I could use to help me transition (like vegan Mac & Cheese!). I decided that this summer would be a perfect opportunity to transition to a vegan diet. At TVA I’m surrounded by amazing staff members and other summer students that have helped me learn so much about being veg. On top of that, TVA has a wealth of books, pamphlets, online materials, and other great sources of information which is making my transition much easier. Through working on the directory here at TVA I’ve opened my eyes to the large number of vegan-friendly restaurants and other… Read More

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