Epic Cooking & Wine Pairing Experience – Valentine’s Day Edition

Learn how to create a variety of health-inspired dishes while sipping your way through some of the world’s most renown wine regions. During an interactive, original and hands-on experience, you will be led on a mouthwatering journey exploring different authentic cuisines with complimenting wine pairings. What is provided: 4-course vegetarian… Read More

Chinese Take Out – Hands On Cooking Class

Take a trip around the world and explore the exotic flavours of Chinese Cuisine, all gluten free and vegan! Join Culinary Nutritionist, Shauna Mann on January 31st, as she takes you on a mouth watering journey to experience the traditional flavours of Chinese cooking that won’t bust your waistline! Chinese… Read More

Viva L’Italia – Cooking & Wine Pairing Experience

Italian food & wine are essential elements in Italy’s culture. We create an authentic Italian dinner and pair with wines from the most famous Italian wine regions. Learn how to create a variety of health-inspired dishes while sipping your way through some of the world’s most renown wine regions. During… Read More

Cook & Sip Your Way Into Comfort

Join Nutritionist, Shauna Mann and Wine Expert, Samantha Krumholz for a special holiday cooking class and wine pairing experience! Please note this event is not fully vegan as it does contain honey and bee products. Includes: 2-hour hands-on cooking class featuring a 4-course vegetarian dinner Interactive, educational wine tasting… Read More

Ten Tips for Staying Healthy in the New Year

Care of Evolving Appetites Instead of focusing on one healthy food this month, we thought we’d start the new year off by providing you with Nimisha Raja’s top ten tips for a healthier you in the new year. 1. Get the junk out! Eliminate refined flours, sugars and oils. This is the single most important step you can take towards improving your health. 2. Drink LOTS of water – very important to stay hydrated to flush out toxins and keep your cells, muscles and organs functioning well. Most North Americans are chronically dehydrated. Caffeinated beverages don’t count – they’re a diuretic – which means they have the opposite effect. 3. Get some moderate exercise EVERYDAY – even a 30-minute brisk walk per day counts. 4. Eat your greens! Raw, dark, leafy greens have powerful anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals we need to stay healthy. (See the recipe below to help you get sufficient quantities into your daily routine.) 5. Turn the TV off! Go for a walk, play with your kids, do a puzzle, read a book, or do something else that relaxes you. 6. Make fresh fruits and vegetables a large part of your daily meals. Salads,… Read More

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