Plant Based Diet – Meet Our Podcast Guests

For those wanting to learn more about plant based eating, Toronto-based Alternative Food Network is doing a Facebook lunchtime livestream Q&A with the podcast guests from the popular “Plant Based Diet” podcast series @alternativefoodnetwork. Read More

Nutrition for Cancer (Online event)

Learn what dietary patterns increase risk of our major cancers and what eating patterns can help. About this Event Lifestyle MED LIVE are interactive online events where you join leading experts to explore the power of healthy lifestyles for the prevention, treatment and even reversal of today’s most common chronic… Read More

Toronto Starch Solution potluck lunch

Have you made your resolutions for 2020? Many of us resolve to eat better, lose some weight, exercise more, possibly get off some of our medications. Studies show that most of us have given up by January 12. We all know it’s hard to stay motivated and, sometimes, our goals… Read More

Toronto Starch Solution Potluck Lunch

Spring is just around the corner, hopefully. All those articles about getting “bikini ready” are being prepared as we speak. If you want to be healthy both inside and out, rather than just looking temporarily thinner, join us for a starch based potluck lunch and learn about how this way… Read More

Toronto Starch Solution Potluck Lunch

If you are interested in eating a healthy diet to prevent or reverse chronic disease, join us for a potluck lunch based on the principles of Dr John McDougall as laid out in his book The Starch Solution: Eat the Foods You Love, Regain Your Health, and Lose the Weight… Read More

Toronto Starch Solution Potluck Lunch

We are back for the New Year. Our first 2019 monthly potluck lunch, based on the dietary plan of Dr John McDougall for maintaining and regaining health, will place Sunday, January 20 at 12:30. If you have watched Forks Over Knives or What the Health, then you know what we… Read More

Relaxation through Food

Join us on a unique culinary journey to enchant your senses, ignite your taste buds, and to calm your mind & body – all through delicious nourishing ingredients and their hidden super powers. RELAXATION THROUGH FOOD – How to feed your body to calm your mind & boost your mood… Read More

Toronto Starch Solution Potluck Lunch

Join us for our monthly potluck lunch and hear an inspiring story of simple and sustained weight loss. Have you or someone you know been “watching your weight” for most of your adult life? Do you now weigh as much or more than you did at the start? Has your… Read More

Dinner with the Doctor: Plant-based Meal + Health Talk on Lifestyle Medicine

DINNER WITH THE DOCTOR is a community dinner featuring a delicious and healthy plant-based meal and a short informative health talk on lifestyle medicine. Everyone welcome! -Delicious gluten-free fully plant-based meal -Learn about the power of lifestyle medicine -Network with community members, doctors and health professionals -Prizes… Read More