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Creative in the Kitchen

By Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator Many vegetarians and vegans in the GTA will be familiar with Go Veggie! cheeses which have been on shelves in health food stores and larger grocery chains in Toronto for many years. However, for vegans, the “green line” remained off limits since it contains casein, a protein from dairy. Enter the purple line: completely vegan and dairy-free cheese now available from Go Veggie! cheese. When we heard the news, we of course were eager to get reviews of the new product, so we held a contest for our Facebook and Twitter followers to use the cruelty-free cheese in a creative recipe of their own. It turned out, people really did need to get creative! As the purple line is a new product, not all components of it are yet widely available in Toronto. (This of course, is where we need your help. Don’t be shy to make product requests at your local grocery stores!). Daniella Robinson, who won the contest, was only able to find the dairy-free cream cheese in her neighbourhood, not the shreds, but we were wowed at how she put it to creative… Read More

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