french toast

Veggsquisite French Toast to Take You Back to Childhood

By Christina Vani It was August of 2014. A charming young woman that we all know and love, a certain Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator at the TVA, regaled me with my first sampling of the Vegg. “You need to try it.” I knew that if she was sharing this kind of love with such urgency, it was necessary that I obey. This led—three months later (why did I wait so long?!)—to my first foray into making vegan French toast that was not chickpea-flour–based. Of course, if you’ve also been using the French-toast recipe from Vegan Brunch to satisfy your cravings for this delectable breakfast staple, you probably would never imagine considering other recipes. Things got serious when that recipe entered our repertoires several years ago. But things change. Even while our vegan-recipe repertoires are exploding as veganism becomes more “mainstream,” there is always room for improvement—or, rather, for an alternative. We don’t always have chickpea flour in the house, so what does a vegan do when struck with a hankering for fluffy, maple-syrup–doused French toast? Look no further: the Vegg is here. I grabbed the Vegg cookbook (also regaled to me), which you can find here, and flipped through the… Read More

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