3rd Annual Veg Families Marshmallow Roast

Hosted by Toronto Veg Families TVA Social Group September 14th 3:30 to 7:30 pm at Greenwood Park Description: *An event for folks with kids or expecting kids * Join other veg families + their littles for a vegan marshmallow roast + s’mores making extravaganza! Our little veg*n people need… Read More

Sausage Party does Vegan Brunch at Grain & Grit Brewing!

For the first time ever join Sausage Party Toronto at ‘Sausage Party does Sunday Brunch’! On the 100% vegan menu: Grilled Cheese Dog: A hotdog with a grilled cheese as the bun! Prairie Boy Sourdough with vegan Cheddar, Mozz & Nooch as well as mustard, onions & ketchup… Read More

The Toronto Vegetarian Association Holiday Market

Celebrate the holiday season with the Toronto Vegetarian Association (TVA) ! Join us at Artscape Wychwood Barns on Sunday, November 19th with over 30 of our favorite local businesses. Shopping for family and friends? Pick up a handmade gift, indulge in some holiday treats, buy a vegan holiday recipe book… Read More

Vegan Marshmallow Roast At Withrow Park!

Join other veg families for a vegan marshmallow roast + s’mores making extravaganza! Our kiddos need more veg*n community and veg friendly spaces where they are the norm, not the odd ones out. Amirite? 🙂 Saturday, September 16 at 4 PM – 7 PM Withrow Park 725… Read More

Gentle Influence

By Angeline Judge, Resource Centre Chair, and Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator There’s no shortage of debate about the best form of activism to end the horrific cruelty taking place on this planet. Compassionate advocates talk openly about atrocities on factory farms, organize marches, hand out literature, and raise awareness about easy and yummy vegetarian options.  Different forms of activism reach different audiences and they all have their place. TVA often hears from new vegetarians about the frustration and hopelessness they feel as they learn more and more about the treatment of animals killed for food. They feel helpless, depressed, or overwhelmed by negative stories, and are afraid they aren’t doing enough. They start to feel alienated from or angry with their relatives and friends who don’t get it.  Some feel torn between making responsible plant-based food decisions for their children, and respecting the traditions of well-meaning family.  Some find little support from their doctors. People ask us, how do you stay positive amongst all of this? The good news is that even if you shy away from explicit animal activism like protests or vegetarian outreach, you are helping animals every single day just by living vegetarian or vegan… Read More

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All in the family

I know that many people who go vegetarian struggle with maintaining happy relationships with their families. Some face outright resistance and anger from family members, and some just feel left out (and hungry) at family gatherings. So I hope you’ll excuse me for bragging, but I feel like I’ve had it pretty good. When I first went vegan, I was still at a stage where my mom was preparing all of my food. She quickly picked up on Yves and Zoglos, pretty much the only two brands of faux meat products around at the time, and would send me to school with veggie salami sandwiches and sometimes make spaghetti and meatsauce using Yves ground round. Shortly after, we discovered that the Kosher Sobey’s in our neighbourhood had a freezer full of Tofutti vegan ice cream products so there was always a good supply of dessert in the house too. Towards the end of high school I had found out about TVA and my mom joined me at my first trip to the Annual Vegetarian Food Festival. My dad got into the habit of ordering veggie burgers whenever the option was available and never made a fuss about going to vegetarian restaurants on… Read More

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Animal Advocacy: Smooth Sailing Into Veganism

  Julia and her happy, healthy family Care of Julia Strub My name is Julia and I’ve been eating a vegan diet since April 4th 2010. Being vegetarian has always appealed to me and I had even made an attempt at lacto-ovo vegetarianism in 2002. Back then I didn’t have the information or support to maintain a vegetarian diet and so I fell back into my old beliefs about how humans needed meat, eggs, and milk to thrive. Several months before switching to veganism in 2010 those beliefs were challenged by a wonderful vegan friend. I was lucky enough to be directed to fantastic books like The China Study, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, and Becoming Vegan. These were life altering books that I highly recommend to any curious omnivore. They gave me an incredible sense of relief knowing that not only was living without animal products possible, but it was IDEAL for human health. Imagine, by simply changing the way you eat you can save animals from suffering and death, AND save yourself from all the diseases of affluence like diabetes, cancer and heart disease! I was ready to ease myself into this new way of… Read More

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