A Sneak Peak at Vegetarian Eco Camp

By Sanjana S, Vegetarian Eco-Camper in 2014, age 13 “How can you possibly live without bacon? Or steak? Or chicken wings?” This is something that almost every vegetarian kid faces at school, and after a while it gets tiring. So one of many things that really appealed to me about Veg Eco Camp was being around so many like-minded kids who ‘got it’. Kids who understood what it’s like to say, “I’m sorry, I don’t eat that” at their best friend’s birthday party, and kids who knew what it felt like to have to go to a ‘special’ line to get food because they didn’t eat what everyone else was eating. Vegetarian Eco Camp not only convinced me that I was doing the right thing, (that being vegetarian wasn’t weird, that it was humane) but the camp also inspired me to do more. Through workshops, lessons and activities, I learned to be more aware of everything I did. From whether or not my t-shirt was made in a sweatshop, to if my chocolate was fair trade, to whether or not my shampoo was animal tested, to how my words could affect so many people, camp made me a better person. Read More

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