Where to Get Vegan Cream Eggs in Toronto

By Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator Easter is almost upon us. For many years vegans have subsisted on whatever dark chocolate they could get their hands on in place of traditional giant, hollowed out chocolate bunnies or ooey gooey cream eggs. But, things have changed a lot these past few years. You know the explosion of vegan food options has hit a tipping point when there are so many places to get vegan poutine, vegan mac and cheese and vegan pizza that BLOG TO publishes articles naming the top five for all of them. Enter: the vegan cream egg. Now available in so many places it will likely be difficult for you try them all this season. Here are the ones we’ve heard of so far, in alphabetical order. If you know of more, don’t hesitate to share! Bunner’s Bake Shop: Kensington Market and the Junction Home of the first vegan cream egg, these ones are giant and decadent. D-Beatstro: Lansdowne and Bloor (featured in the photo at the top) Take your chance at finding them available in the case for $2 each, or place an order by the dozen by emailing dbeatstro@gmail.com or phoning… Read More

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Vegetarian Passover Recipes

Photo care of Emilie Hardman Without the right resources, being vegetarian in an omnivorous family can be challenging. With two holidays this month, Easter and Passover, we thought we’d pass on some tips for making sure you’re not following the way of the Easter Bunny and just munching on some carrots while everyone else enjoys a flavourful feast! First, try our chocolate matzo bark recipe, below. If you use egg-free, whole wheat matzo, it’s simple, vegan, and healthy too! Second, check out Ally Lazare’s collection of Passover recipes – desserts, veggie brisket, and more! Looking for more Passover desserts? We’ve got you covered with five ideas here! For more recipe ideas, check out the Jewish Vegetarian Year Cookbook, which is divided into chapters for each Jewish Holiday, available at our Resource Centre For links to recipes and meal ideas for Easter, visit our Vegetarian Easter Tips and Recipes page. Surprise your loved ones by making easter eggs out of Japanese sticky rice! Chocolate Matzo Bark 10-12 pieces matzo 11-12 oz. dark chocolate 5-6 oz. white chocolate (vegans may have to omit this if… Read More

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