Animal Profile: Ducks – A Lot to Quack About

Care of Bonnie Shulman   Pekin duck by Bonnie Shulman. These ducks are farmed for their eggs and meat. But how could you eat a creature so beautiful? It’s hard to know where to begin when I write about ducks, because ducks are my personal obsession. On my flickr site I have thousands of pictures of ducks. Here in Toronto we are blessed to have many types of ducks either living here permanently or dropping by on their travels. Put simply, there are two types of ducks: The first, diving ducks, forage deep underwater for food. The smallest of the ducks, buffleheads, are divers and can be seen in spring and fall in Toronto. Dabbling ducks feed on the surface of water or on land, or by up-ending without completely submerging. The vast mallard population is Toronto’s prime example of a dabbler, and in the fall we are graced with the dabbling Northern Shovelers, easily identified by their massive schnozzes! What I love about ducks is their sheer, incomparable beauty. Their colours and feather patterns provide me with endless fascination. To me, each duck is a work of art. Having… Read More

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Animal Advocacy: Ducklover Bonnie (aka: Bonnie Shulman)

  Bonnie’s beloved ducks Brownie and Greenie. Care of Nelson Carvalho Bonnie Shulman is a member of the TVA, former eLifelines columnist (Animal Profile of the Month) and a colleague of mine at the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). You can easily tell that she’s a vegan by the massive number of Farm Sanctuary posters on her cubicle walls. She’s a frequent donor to that organization and to many other organizations that promote veganism. Bonnie is well known here in the Communications Division for her veganism and love of animals, particularly ducks. In fact, she tells me that it was after making her first duck friend that she went vegan.   Bonnie has developed such personal relationships with some of them that she can call them by name, and they respond. Last June, Bonnie rescued a family of ducklings from a well. You can see the video here. She keeps a close eye on the ducks in the High Park Zoo, and noticed a duck who needed special care before the zookeepers did. The Pekin Duck hen was haggard and her feathers were in disarray, suggesting overmating by other residents of the duck pen. Bonnie waited hours… Read More

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