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Discount Profile: Nourished on the Go

Care of Sally Grande Nourished on the Go is the only all-vegan restaurant in the Durham Region, which covers everything about an hour east of Toronto. Located in a prime spot in downtown Oshawa, Nourished on the Go caters to a business and student crowd. While the current restaurant is geared to takeout, with 100% recyclable containers, it does have a few tables. Owners, vegan chef Gabriella and her husband, Brian, are dedicated to healthy, responsible and compassionate food. Red Seal Chef Gabriella also teaches vegan cooking classes, either private lessons or for small groups. Her unique soups, including the Cashew Cream of Mushroom, Moroccan Peanut Soup or the Thai Coconut Green Curry Soup, are popular and range from $5.50 to $8.00. The wraps ($7) include a “No-Chicken Club” and a “No-Chicken Souvlaki” and both use analog products doctored with Chef Gabriella’s secret seasonings. The Scrambled Tofu Wrap is a unique breakfast offering and is gluten-free as are many of the menu items. The pastas include a unique Basil Pesto and range from $5 to $7. There are also hearty stews and chilies, and a range of desserts and smoothies. Discount: 10% off Veg Status: All vegan Where:… Read More

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Discount Profile: Rashmi’s Bakery

Care of Patti Organ-Blersch Let Them Eat (Vegan) Cake! If Marie Antoinette was around today she would buy – at least some – of her cakes from Rashmi’s Bakery. Decadent, delicious and deftly priced, you can’t make a wrong choice here. I had the immense pleasure of having TWO baby shower cakes from Rashmi’s and both were immediately devoured by vegans and non-vegans alike. For both cakes we chose half chocolate and half vanilla, with whipped topping and raspberry filling. The filling is really just layered, along with their incredible whipped topping throughout the cake. Being eight million months pregnant, I decided to save a few pieces of the cake in the freezer for those middle of the night cravings. I can tell you the cake is as delicious frozen as it is room temperature. Vegan or otherwise, Rashmi’s cakes please the masses.  From topping, cake and filling choices to the beautiful designs, these sumptuous cakes are not to be missed! Discount: 10% off Veg Status: All vegetarian, vegan options available Where: 2 locations in Brampton and Mississauga… Read More

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Discount Profile: Yam Chops

Care of Sonal Batavia and Izzy Ahrbeck A little Yam Chop came knocking on our door last week. That is, TVA board member Michael Abramson (recently turned local celebrity as Toronto’s very first vegetarian butcher) generously offered to send us lunch from his newly opened restaurant, YamChops. The news alone elicited a few shrieks…maybe even a jump (if you’ve ever visited our office, you can imagine the havoc that ensued). 12 pm on the dot during our weekly staff meeting, a little “Yam Chop” came knocking on our door, with three large paper bags, stamped with the words “Bite off more than you can chew”. And boy were we ready to bite in. (The ‘YamChop’ was actually a lovely woman in a black branded apron, who even agreed to pose for a little photo sesh!). Some of the delights we got to enjoy included: ‘Tuna’ & crackers: I can’t say I’ve ever had tuna-less tuna so when I read the label on the container I was rather intrigued. It’s been a long time since I enjoyed this classic childhood favourite, and I was not disappointed. Who knew smashed chickpeas and spices could be such a great tuna substitute?… Read More

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Discount Profile: Free Times Cafe

  How silly that I work so close to Free Times Cafe yet hadn’t in all these years taken the time to check out the amazing vegetarian food they have to offer. I suppose that is what Veggielicious is all about – inspiring people to try new restaurants that serve great vegetarian options. During Veggielicious I made it out to Free Times Cafe twice and both times I was absolutely floored by how delicious the food was. On day one, I had a delicious vegan shepard’s pie that came with soft, whole grain bread and a salad filled with tomatoes and red onions and a nice balsamic vinaigrette. The shepard’s pie was filled with bulgar, corn and carrots and was comfort food at it’s best. On day two, I had a mediterranean wrap packed with eggplant, hummus and other veggies, along with a side of ginger and sweet potato soup. It was perfect for one of the first cold days of winter. When it’s not Veggielicious, there’s still plenty of vegetarian options on Free Times Cafe’s menu, (including their house made veggie burger and a great falafel plate) that TVA members can take 15% off of with the Toronto… Read More

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Discount Profile: Fresh

  Care of Carly Ingram Picture this: it’s a gloriously sunny day and your body is craving some nutrients while your tongue wants flavour. As the last days and weeks of summer roll by, it’s all the more important to soak up some rays. The answer: grab some take-out from Fresh and hit the nearest park for a picnic! My cousin was recently visiting from California and her sister and I, avid Fresh-goers, soon realized she had never been! We walked to the nearest location (Fresh on Crawford) and surveyed the menu. Some of the old classics were there, but it also seemed as though new creations had been added. The newest Fresh-goer decided on and greatly enjoyed the Green Goddess on brown rice, while I was uber-satisfied with the Ace of Kales salad. We also each tried a different Green Smoothie and had trouble deciding which we liked best. The ginger in the Electrolyte Green makes for some awesome flavour. If it’s an especially hot day I would also recommend the Grapefruit Glow; an incredibly delicious and refreshing drink. With our biodegradable containers and cups in tow, we headed to Trinity Bellwoods, the glorious park that Fresh backs… Read More

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