david alexander

Meet David: TVA Staff Profile

What do you do at the Toronto Vegetarian Association? As TVA’s Executive Director, I work with our volunteer board of directors to set strategic priorities for the Toronto Vegetarian Association. And I work with staff to implement those strategies to achieve our mission – to inspire people to choose a healthier, greener, more compassionate lifestyle through plant-based eating. How did you become interested in vegetarianism? One of my friends invited me to see a presentation on factory farming, which really opened my eyes about animal issues. I decided that I didn’t want individual animals to suffer just for my convenience. So I sent away for a vegetarian starter kit and haven’t looked back! What do you like most about working for TVA? Working with amazing volunteers and dedicated staff! I got involved with TVA very soon after becoming veg. The people I met and events I attended helped me learn how to cook delicious, healthy plant-based meals and where to find the best veg food in the city. And there’s nothing quite like the positive energy that comes from helping organize North America’s largest Veg Food Fest. Do you have any hidden talents? Recently, I’ve had a lot of poems… Read More

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