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DESCRIPTION Ireland is the largest exporter of bovine flesh in the Northern Hemisphere, outstripping the US, Canada and Mexico. It is the 10th largest dairy export nation in the world. It has a large vivisection industry, closely tied to its pharmaceutical industry and it is the largest breeder of… Read More

Q and A with Mary-Chris Staples: Winner of the 2017 Lisa Grill Compassion for Animals Award

Care of Marco Pagliarulo At the Veg Food Fest, the Lisa Grill Compassion for Animals Award was presented to Mary-Chris Staples for the many aspects of animal rights activism in Toronto that she leads and participates in. We asked her a few questions to get to know her better. What motivates you as an animal activist? The absolute injustice of animal exploitation. When I first got involved seven years ago, I was mortified that I had been participating in this exploitation all my life. I was mortified that the world I live in not only accepts this nightmare but also teaches us that because we are “at the top of the food chain”, we are allowed to do whatever we want with animals. I learned to trust my own instincts and, sadly, to lose respect for many human leaders who continue to promote speciesism. A lot of animal activists burn out after time. How do you keep such a positive attitude and avoid burnout? Funny you should ask about burnout…I am actually going through my first real bout of it. This past year has been extremely tough for me personally. Three years ago, I… Read More

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