Discount Profile: Moonbean Coffee Company

Care of Terri Coles It’s hard to overstate the value of a great coffee shop — it’s a source for caffeine, clearly, but also for delicious treats and perhaps more importantly, relaxation and chatting with friends. Moonbean in Kensington Market has all this covered. It’s not as fancy, inside or out, as some coffee shops in the city, but it more than makes up for that by being cozy and welcoming. The drink menu at Moonbean is huge and offers classic hot choices along with options like smoothies. You can have the drinks made with soy milk or almond milk — I love the hot chocolate with almond milk, myself. Moonbean also has a great selection of treats, including vegan and gluten-free options; it’s nice to know that you can go there for a quick snack as well as a beverage. And if you really enjoy Moonbean’s coffee, you can buy some beans to go (Toronto Veg Card holders get a discount on their coffee beans!). It may have gotten a bit too cool for the front patio, but there’s still plenty of seating inside. Discount: 10% off coffee beans with the Toronto… Read More

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