Where to find vegan winter coats in Toronto

That was certainly a wonderful tease we got last week with warm, sunny days that made us think summer might have returned for a few more weeks. But temperatures dipped again, sending us out shopping for winter coats. In case you’ve never visited the Toronto Vegetarian Association Facebook group, let me enlighten you that it is made up of an extremely knowledgeable, resourceful group of people that always seem to have answers to every and any question that is asked about where you can find “xyz” in Toronto. So from here on in, we’ll try to share the wonderful information on the Facebook group so you have it ready at your fingertips! Starting with, where to find a vegan winter coat in Toronto. Here are some of the places or brands that we learned sell parkas without down lining or fur trim. Note: This does not mean these stores do not also sell coats with animal products, so be sure to check the labels. Stores at which vegan coat options are available: Arcteryx Atmosphere Aritzia The Bay (you can search their online page using the term vegan) Costco Mark’s Work Wearhouse Mountain Equipment Co-Op The Hemp Company on Yonge… Read More

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