Food and Recipe of the Month: Clementines and Cranberry Sauce

 Care of Andrea Howe of  Winter has arrived, and so has its symbolic box of clementines! This tiny fruit is packed with sweetness and nutrients to help you get through the cold months. They’re a cross between a sweet orange and a mandarin orange, giving us this succulent and convenient snack. Clementines have essential vitamins such as calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. In addition, they are packed full of vitamin C. This antioxidant is great in aiding in collagen synthesis, leading to healthier looking skin by reducing formation of wrinkles and repairing damaged skin. Clementines are a natural source of folate which is great for our brain. Folate can help with winter sadness by reducing distress and depression. Another great addition clementines offer for the winter months is their variety of antioxidants, and its ability to help with immunity. Winter is known for colds and flu season, and a diet rich in antioxidants can help with sickness by protecting against free radical damage. Although clementines are a great healthy snack on their own, they can also be added to dishes such as salads, jams, or loaves. Try this Cranberry Clementine Sauce to serve with your favourite holiday dish. Clementine Cranberry… Read More

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Cutie Clementines

Care of Ashley Sauve Clementines are one of the reasons to love the holidays! They even come packaged in sweet little boxes that just make them feel special. Luckily, snacking away on these little cuties comes guilt-free as they are likely one of the seasons healthiest indulgences. December can be a stressful month between shopping, visiting loved ones and trying to stay warm. Unsurprisingly, it’s common for the cold & flu to strike and slow us down during this hectic time. Luckily, clementines are a great source of vitamin C which is known for its immune boosting power! Since our bodies use more vitamin C when we are stressed out, an extra boost is more than welcome to protect us from viruses. Speaking of stress, the aroma of clementines has been shown to trigger the release of a neurotransmitter in the brain that refreshes and energizes the body and mind to relieve stress. Try simmering clementine rind (from all the snacking) with a cinnamon stick and cloves in a small pan on your stove to create an all-natural, stress-reducing air freshener. To beat the winter blues, clementines contain the B-vitamin folate, which is used to treat depression. They also… Read More

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Holiday Grain Salad with Clementines

Care of Ashley Sauve During the holidays we eat more than any other time of year! This recipe is the perfect healthy side dish to bring along to a big dinner, or to serve at your own holiday shindig. Try getting creative with grain choices or combinations to impress your guests. Serves 4 Ingredients Salad: 1 pound (about 4 cups) brussels sprouts, cleaned and sliced in half 1 tablespoon olive oil 4 clementines 1 cup pomegranate seeds 2 cups cooked grain—such as amaranth, quinoa, wild rice, spelt berries, millet etc. Dressing: 1 tablespoon clementine zest Juice from one large clementine Juice from half a lemon 2 tablespoons walnut oil 1 tablespoon maple syrup 1 tablespoon grated ginger Salt & pepper to taste Directions 1. Preheat oven to 400F. 2. Toss brussels sprouts in olive oil, season with salt and pepper and lay out on a non-stick baking sheet. 3.  Roast brussels sprouts in the oven until golden brown, about 20 minutes. 4. Peel and segment clementines and remove seeds from pomegranate. 5. In a large bowl, mix the cooked grain with pomegranate seeds. 6. In a small bowl, mix all the dressing ingredients and season to taste with salt… Read More

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