Food of the Month: Cinnamonful

Care of Amy Symington  Surely something this good must be bad for you? Not in this super spice’s case. Smoothies, pancakes, nuts, curry, Moroccan stew, jerked tofu, rolls, sticky buns, puddings, and tea – cinnamon is the master of all things spiced. It has a sharp and spicy, but woody, sweet aroma and flavour that is used worldwide in almost every culture on our great planet. Whether it is sweet or savoury cuisine, cinnamon plays no favourites and can star in or simply enhance appetizers, entrees, sides or dismal desserts alike. Besides being the most infamous spice for its potent characteristics, cinnamon has a grocery list long of health benefits. It is filled to the brim with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and weight loss powers.  Ka-pow! One teeny teaspoon of this ground glory has the equivalent antioxidant level to that of ½ cup of nutritiously acclaimed blueberries, helping to keep evil diseases at bay. Its anti-inflammatory properties also ward off serious ailments such as Alzheimer’s and heart disease while simultaneously combating annoyances like pesky allergies and pain or stiffness in muscles and joints. Studies have shown cinnamon and other super spices in a heroic light, testifying that they promote satiety and the… Read More

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