COOKING CLASS: DIY Dairy-Free Milks by Emily Anderson

Even with the growing popularity of dairy-free milks in the market today, they can often be expensive or can lack good flavour. Join plant-based chef, Emily Anderson, as she shares the simplicity, satisfaction, and deliciousness of creating your own homemade nut and oat milks! In this class, you will learn… Read More

Celebrating Cocoa in More Ways Than One

By Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator If you’re like me and you’ve been fanatically watching the Food Network’s Great Holiday Baking Championship, you may associate cocoa and chocolate with holiday desserts at this time of year. You may be dreaming up your favourite recipes for chocolate crinkle cookies, chocolate pecan pie, or dark chocolate truffles. And you may be thinking of devouring these treats as a kind of guilty indulgence. Well, registered dietitian Matt Ruscigno (you may recognize him from providing the nutrition info for Isa Chandra Mokowitz’s Appetite for Reduction) is here to prove you wrong with his new book Superfoods for Life: Cacao. Although the book contains 75 delicious recipes, it is so much more than just a cookbook. It delves into all of the reasons why cocoa is something you should include in your diet regularly, not shy away from. Did you know cocoa helps to lower blood pressure, has strong antioxidants to help prevent cancer and reduce the effects of aging, and helps muscle recovery for athletes? However, this book doesn’t only speak of the nutritional properties of cocoa. It also traces the history of cocoa consumption around the world and explains how… Read More

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Spicy Gingered Chocolate

Care of Amy Symington Ingredients 3 tbsp coconut oil 2 tbsp fresh ginger, finely chopped 1/2 tsp cinnamon Pinch cayenne Pinch nutmeg ½ cup cocoa powder ¼ cup maple syrup 2 tbsp cranberries 2 tbsp toasted pumpkin seeds Directions: Line a small cookie sheet with parchment paper and set aside. Next, in a small sauce pot over medium heat add coconut oil.  Once melted add ginger, cinnamon, cayenne and nutmeg and incorporate with a whisk.  Once spices are fragrant, about 2 minutes, whisk in cocoa powder.  Whisk for about 1 minute while allowing cocoa powder to cook. Next whisk in maple syrup until fully incorporated. Take off heat and evenly pour chocolate on to lined cookie sheet. Read More

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