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Veg Travel in Central America and Beyond

by Dinesh S. Parakh Canadians are fond of heading south to escape the clutches of winter, with many of the most popular destinations being in the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America. Trouble is, these parts of the world are not known for their animal-friendly culinary offerings, lacking a well-developed ‘veg consciousness’ compared to places like India, Taiwan, Ethiopia or Jamaica where vegetarianism is part of religious and cultural tradition. Some veg travelers don’t particularly care about the food, are fine with picking around meat, and take their chances with being temporarily malnourished. For others, authentic local (veg) food is an integral part of the travel experience. If you are indeed a veg foodie, we’d like to share some of our family’s experiences and tips for more successful (and delicious) veg travel, focused on Central America and the Caribbean. Safe, friendly and clean Costa Rica is popular with North Americans, and partly for that reason, it is relatively easy to find veg meals. You can order pizza/pasta/stir-fry in many restaurants, but there are also plenty of exclusively veg offerings. For example, the Israeli-run Lands in Love was a stunning find – a hotel smack dab in the middle of the… Read More

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