Cinnaholic Gourmet Cinnamon Rolls – GRAND OPENING

We are pleased to announce that our grand opening is officially set for Friday Aug 10th at 10am at the food court in the Promenade Mall in Thornhill! We will be offering $1 Gourmet Customized Cinnamon Rolls from 10am to 2pm, delicious ultra premium coffees, cookie dough, brownies and more!… Read More

Discount Profile: Rashmi’s Bakery

Care of Patti Organ-Blersch Let Them Eat (Vegan) Cake! If Marie Antoinette was around today she would buy – at least some – of her cakes from Rashmi’s Bakery. Decadent, delicious and deftly priced, you can’t make a wrong choice here. I had the immense pleasure of having TWO baby shower cakes from Rashmi’s and both were immediately devoured by vegans and non-vegans alike. For both cakes we chose half chocolate and half vanilla, with whipped topping and raspberry filling. The filling is really just layered, along with their incredible whipped topping throughout the cake. Being eight million months pregnant, I decided to save a few pieces of the cake in the freezer for those middle of the night cravings. I can tell you the cake is as delicious frozen as it is room temperature. Vegan or otherwise, Rashmi’s cakes please the masses.  From topping, cake and filling choices to the beautiful designs, these sumptuous cakes are not to be missed! Discount: 10% off Veg Status: All vegetarian, vegan options available Where: 2 locations in Brampton and Mississauga… Read More

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A Guide to Toronto’s Vegan Bakery Storefronts

By Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator If you asked me what I like best about my job, it would probably be a tie between working with so many amazing people dedicated to a cause I’m passionate about, and being the first to know about every bit of vegetarian-related news. Last week I was giddy to find out that there are two new vegan storefronts opening in Toronto. One of them is a commercial kitchen space from local chef Doug McNish at Marlee and Glencairn, that will sell ready-made meals for pick up, as well as eventually serving occasional sit down brunch and dinners. The second is a long-anticipated storefront for aPieCalypse Now!, a bakery that’s been selling goods at farmers’ markets and the Vegetarian Food Festival for a few years, but now has a little shop that’s opened at Bloor and Bathurst. I sound a bit like a broken record from when I squealed about the opening of Through Being Cool, another vegan bakery,  a couple of months ago, but hearing this news made me reflect on just how amazing the vegan options are in this city. It now stands that no matter where you live,… Read More

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Discount Profile: Tori’s Bake Shop

Care of Luke Albert The beaches has a lot to offer, especially in the summertime when it seems that all we want to do is go “to the beach”. Before a day of fun in the sun, you need to stop by Tori’s Bakeshop on Queen St. East between Woodbine and Victoria Park. Tori’s has been open since 2012 and has grown quite the following, bringing in plenty of curious community members as well as vegetarians and vegans from around the city. It is one of Toronto’s most decadent destinations with plenty of gluten-free options for those in need, as well as a breadth of espresso, tea, and baked goods. This is not just any vegan bakery, it’s a really beautiful one too. Tori’s Bakeshop is a welcoming, meticulously designed space that’s bright white and grey with plenty of emerald green, wood, and glass accents throughout. Think vintage-style Edison lightbulbs fixed in hand-made whisk enclosures alongside mason jars that hold everything from tea to… more lightbulbs. Even if it weren’t for the delicious treats, I’d still visit Tori’s for how stunning it looks. For drinks, the Muskoka (whirled organic watermelon, mint, and lime over ice with soda water finish) will keep… Read More

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Discount Profile: Kensington Natural Bakery

After the 2010 TVA annual general meeting a few of us decided to grab a bite to eat, so we went old school on Bloor and reconnected with Kensington Natural Bakery & Café (460 Bloor Street West, 416-534-1294). Maybe one of our readers can correct us, but this might just be the oldest vegetarian eatery in Toronto, and while it can feel a little like you’re stepping in a time machine when you enter, the good news is that this includes the prices. KNB (as the cool kids call it) features a meal special in the back where you can choose three items from a wide range of vegan and vegetarian options, which with soup comes to only $5.99. And of course, your Toronto Veg Card gives you an additional 10% savings. While they are not in Kensington, they are a bakery! You can buy whole pies or just a slice, as well as cookies, date squares, cupcakes, and a wide range of other breads and baked goods. One quick warning, though with their prices this shouldn’t be an issue: while Kensington Natural Bakery accepts the Toronto Veg Card, they… Read More

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Discount Profile: Sweets from the Earth

Care of Angela Del Buono Sweets From The Earth has been doing delicious, beautiful work consistently for many years. You may have noticed their goodies in big chains ilke Metro, Sobeys and Rexall, in natural food stores like The Big Carrot and Baldwin Naturals, and at restaurants like Fresh and Loving Hut. BUT did you know you can put together a custom order and pick it up at their bakery in the Junction? Loaves, cheesecakes, 7” & 10” cakes, cake pans, cookies, essentially all products listed on the website… you can get it super fresh. The discount also applies to special orders. I called in the morning and spoke with Lisa O (also a famed TVA volunteer), and asked her to put together a sample pack of cupcakes for pick up late in the afternoon. When I came by, Lisa headed into the bakery and I was so pleased to get three of the August monthly special cupcakes, including a S’mores cupcake! That’s right! Vegan marshmallow, spelt graham crumbs and chocolate. Also in my pack were the chocolate-raspberry, coconut, strawberry filled, lavender chocolate and reliable vanilla. It’s so great to get a variety… Read More

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Discount Profile: Tori’s Bake Shop

Anyone who thinks non-vegans have it better than vegans when it comes to options for eating out in Toronto have clearly never been to Tori’s Bake Shop. Really, could anything be more idyllic than picking up an iced tea and chocolate croissant and taking it with you to the sandy beach just a few blocks away? Although I had heard about Tori’s before and knew there would be lots of delicious options, I was still floored by what I saw when I arrived. “Bacon” scones with daiya cheese, a colourful array of donuts, butter tarts, fancy chocolates, muffins and of course the famous croissants. The decision of what to get was so difficult, I almost wished they had less to offer! Fortunately, they give 10% off with the Toronto Veg Card, meaning I was able to try out a savoury scone, bright pink donut and the not-to-be-missed croissant. Then it was off to savour it all down by the beach, watching the waves crash. This is the life. Discount: 10% off Veg Status? Vegan, with plenty of gluten-free options too Where? 2188 Queen St. E. Read More

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