Discount Profile: the lovemuffin bakery

Care of Kristine Parrish (the eggplant collective) Being in an industry that values client service very highly, it is important for our company to provide breakfast and snack foods that can cater to a wide variety of tastes and dietary requirements.  That’s what is so wonderful about thelovemuffin bakery; it provides those who are vegan, celiac, or simply conscious of what they put into their body with a delicious alternative to conventional baked goods. The biggest crowd pleasers in our office are definitely the banana chocolate chip muffins, so moist and flavourful, and the mouth-watering peanut butter squares.  Leave them unattended for ten minutes on the kitchen counter and one will return to a plate of crumbs and some very satisfied co-workers! While to some it may seem like both a blessing and a curse to have so much temptation so close at hand, that is the beauty of Lesley’s vegan creations.  By keeping the portions to a respectable size (read: no cookies the size of your face!) and using largely organic and natural ingredients like maple syrup, agave nectar, and unsweetened applesauce, you can snack while keeping that pesky guilty feeling at bay. It should… Read More

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A Guide to Toronto’s Vegan Bakery Storefronts

By Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator If you asked me what I like best about my job, it would probably be a tie between working with so many amazing people dedicated to a cause I’m passionate about, and being the first to know about every bit of vegetarian-related news. Last week I was giddy to find out that there are two new vegan storefronts opening in Toronto. One of them is a commercial kitchen space from local chef Doug McNish at Marlee and Glencairn, that will sell ready-made meals for pick up, as well as eventually serving occasional sit down brunch and dinners. The second is a long-anticipated storefront for aPieCalypse Now!, a bakery that’s been selling goods at farmers’ markets and the Vegetarian Food Festival for a few years, but now has a little shop that’s opened at Bloor and Bathurst. I sound a bit like a broken record from when I squealed about the opening of Through Being Cool, another vegan bakery,  a couple of months ago, but hearing this news made me reflect on just how amazing the vegan options are in this city. It now stands that no matter where you live,… Read More

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