Avocado Love

Care of Laura Wright This fruit in a sneaky vegetable-ish disguise is easily one of my favourite foods. Period. It hails from tropical climates and grows in over 900 different varieties. The texture is smooth, creamy and luxurious. It tastes good with almost everything savoury. It can be slipped and whipped into luscious desserts with surprising ease. It’s also incredibly healthy for a variety of reasons. Today, I’ll talk about some health benefits and guidelines for avocado selection. On fat, folate + all the other goodies: The energy from avocados is primarily sourced from their fat content. This may seem like a health concern at first glance. It’s worthy of note that the fat contained in this fruit is monounsaturated, which is heart healthy and won’t raise cholesterol. In fact, the good fat in avocados has been proven to reduce cholesterol and increase the ratio of HDL (“good”) cholesterol to LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. Their creamy flesh is also incredibly rich in fiber, antioxidants, folate, and more potassium than bananas to boot. Do keep in mind that avocados are rather high in calories, about 300 per whole fruit. For your everyday health: If you love avocados and make a… Read More

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