annie leung

Meet Annie: TVA Staff Profile

When summer rolls around at the TVA office, things pick up quite a bit. This year we’re lucky to have not one, not two but three summer assistants in the office. It’s a busy place these days! Over the next few weeks we’ll introduce you to our summer staff team so you can recognize the friendly faces you might encounter if you stop by on a weekday and at the very least, at the upcoming 32nd Veg Food Fest! This week we had a delightful Italian themed vegan potluck at our weekly staff meeting, to which Annie brought along an incredibly fresh and delicious homemade bruschetta. It turns out she’s a whiz not just at graphic design but cooking too! What do you do at the Toronto Vegetarian Association? I design all promotional graphics for the Veg Food Fest coming up this September! This includes a variety of advertisements, merch and social media banners!   How did you become interested in vegetarianism? Freshman year of university, I was thrown into an extremely fast-paced, competitive environment. The shock of it all drove me into an unhealthy lifestyle. I had no time to exercise, I barely slept and I ate terribly. So,… Read More

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